Overnight Camping Lessons

This weekend I had my first camping trip of the season. To sum it all up in one word: COLD. 

I’ve never gone winter camping, mainly because I don’t have winter camping gear. Trust me, you need to be prepared to spend 24 hours outdoors. But the trip we had planned coincided with some unseasonably cold weather and overnight Saturday, the temperature fell to the mid 30s and windy and the reason I don’t know the exact temperature is that whenever I thought about it, I just couldn’t move my hand to look at the phone because it would’ve meant moving it out of the cocoon I had created in my sleeping bag and coat and all the clothes from my backpack (which was not much for a short overnight trip). 

But I still had a great time:

  • getting ready for the trip   
  • hanging with the kids and watching them grow up almost in front of my eyes 
  • enjoying the camp fire     
  • eating S’mores at night and roast potato for breakfast   
  • watching other camp-cooking adventures     
  • loving the scenery         
  • indulging in a short hike   
  • and (of course!) thinking about the next trip scheduled in a few weeks when, hopefully, it will be much warmer. 

Top 3 lessons from the overnight trip:

  1. Wearing several layers is always a better idea than a single heavy item – air trapped between layers helps to provide insulation but also, so you can remove, or add, layers as the temperature changes.
  2. Always have snacks. You never know what the person who’s in charge of food might forget and you’ll be forced to depend on your own resources. 
  3. Be flexible enough to create a good time for yourself even when plans change. 

On the camping trip, i got the news about the disaster in Nepal and immediately, I thought about mountain climbers that might’ve been trapped. Turns out along with the thousands of earthquake casualties, some of these Everest climbers died and my heart goes out to all the families and friends who said goodbye before an exciting trip never knowing the trip-of-a-lifetime would be the last trip of their loved ones’ lives. Real sad news! And my outdoor weekend really put into perspective the aftermath that the survivors in Nepal are experiencing, some of whom are sleeping outdoors in freezing temperatures becuase they have lost their homes in the earthquake or are just too afraid to be inside when the aftershocks come.

Please donate to a cause that helps with the recovery mission in Nepal – I am suggesting Adra but you can choose any team that will make a difference there. 

My goals this week include: 

  1. Write everyday
  2. Exercise everyday
  3. 4 runs
  4. Finish reading The Power of Habit – so far, a very thought-provoking read. 
  5. Work on a plan for my youth-group 
  6. Another weekend hike 
  7. Donate some things (click here for why this is important)
  8. 1 Random act of kindness everyday. 
  9. Make time-tables to schedule the best use of my time and follow it as much as possible.

Also, even though I’m not a big Ellen fan, I just have to say #ThankYouMattLauer for all Matt has done to inspire me! 😀

What was the best part of your weekend? What did you learn?

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Kay R. says:

    Ive actually never been overnight camping though I really want to. I don’t think I could do it in such cold weather though, the Caribbean in me would not be able to handle it. I suck at winter.


  2. Run Wright says:

    Camping in good weather can be the best experience. I definitely recommend it though, whether rain or shine.


  3. Hi! I’m visiting from Running N Reading’s Weekend Update! Wow! That’s brave! I’m cold just thinking about what your camping adventure was like!! I’m glad you had fun though and now you can say that you did it! The Nepal earthquake is heartbreaking and it makes me sad every time I think of it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Run Wright says:

      Thanks for visiting. Hope you like the site enough to follow me. I’ll check out your blog too.
      It was definitely one of my coldest camping experiences but weather uncertainty is just part of the fun 😀


  4. Kaylie says:

    I want to go caping so bad, but I think I’ll wait until it warms up just a little bit more! I love your 3 tips for overnight camping, good luck on your next trip!


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