Because You Can’t Wear Running Clothes All The Time

Last week, I was thinking about simplifying my non-running life by choosing a daily uniform. I know I said I would go for black pants and a white silky shirt and blazer but…. since then, the idea of a cute, printed, A-line dress everyday is incredibly appealing to me. I love running clothes and could wear stretchy tights all day everyday (except on Saturday when I can usually be found wearing a big hat) but the idea of peeling off the sweaty spandex and putting on a pretty dress just makes me feel feminine and fancy!

So I’m deciding my uniform like I learned on Friends (remember Ross and his famous lists, including the one where he called Rachel ‘just a waitress’)

The Pros:

  • Comfortable
  • Conservative
  • The pleated/flared skirts make it easy to conceal the evidence of too many french fries
  • Multi-seasonal – with bare legs and flats on a warm summery day like today or with tights and a blazer when it’s cooler.

The Cons:

They’re not pants 😦

The Pros have it. These are some of the dresses I am imagining myself wearing everyday and the links where you can get them too:

Ivory with rose print from one of my favorite designers, Adrianna Papell

Another fit and flare from Adrianna Papell

I can’t believe this one is under $25. I already ordered one.

I don’t think I’ve seen a Donna Morgan design before but this is pretty!

And my absolute favorite designer right now, Vince Camuto, always brings something beautiful

  • What’s the best treat you’ve given yourself lately?
  • Do you ever make a big decision with a Pro/Con list?

What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts as well.

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