What Do You Do When You Can’t Do Anything

What do you do when you’re feeling stuck snd you can’t figure out what to do about it?

I try to be a pretty upbeat person. When I feel a little anxious, I run, I pray, I write, I watch TV, I do a puzzle, I lie flat and stare at the ceiling and chant that better days are coming. But honestly, there are days when none of that seems to work. Some days, not even the prettiest Pinterest quote can make me smile.

Today was one of those days.

I put on some of my favorite songs, and imagined myself in a place where all the dreams I have now had already come true, and I was being forced to dream new dreams.

But I couldn’t picture it. My dreams have been so long in coming, that sometimes I feel like they will never get here. I feel like there’s a platter in front of me with all the things I’ve ever wanted, but I have no hands and can’t reach for the gifts.

And all I could do was cry, which didn’t make me feel better. In fact, I felt worse.

I cursed. I’m not proud of it. But I was alone and I said a couple of words that I would never repeat for anyone else to hear them. I took my computer and held it like I was going to toss it. And then I didn’t. I cried a little more and I waited for the feeling to pass. There’s hope in silence because only when you’re still and quiet, can you hear God’s voice speaking to you, reassuring you that there is indeed a plan and a purpose.

Psalm 46:10 says “Be still and know that I am God.”

So I went to church because being surrounded by praise helps me to praise and church is one of my happy places. And when I came home feeling better, I made this little doodle to encourage myself the next time I’m down. 

 Have you had any days like that? How did you get past it?

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  1. Sorry to hear about the rough day, girl 😦 I definitely go through my fair share of those, and sometimes there’s nothing I can do to make them pass… except remember that they DO pass and that I usually was up the next day feeling pretty good. Hope that you’re feeling better ❤

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    1. Run Wright says:

      Thanks Amanda. I am feeling much better and I am really excited for May – new month, new attitude.


  2. You are not alone. We all have days like this and we are all so thankful that you felt better. It sounds like you did some positive things for yourself. Bless you.

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    1. Run Wright says:

      Thanks so much for reading and yes I’m feeling more hopeful now. God bless you too.


  3. rljaffe says:

    Karen you are so awesome, first of all. I love your doodle! I need it hanging in every room of my house.
    Second you’re definitely not alone. Remember that it’s ok to feel your feelings, just don’t stay there. And you didn’t, you went to church and got you some Jesus to help you feel better instead of wallowing in the muck and the mire.
    I’m sorry if you’re feeling discouraged my friend. You have so many blessings and plenty more to come. Maybe God is preparing you for something greater!

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    1. Run Wright says:

      Oh, that warms my heart! Thank you! thank you! Thank you! Today is a new day and I’m looking forward.
      I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  4. rljaffe says:

    First off you are awesome! I love your doodle! I need it in every room of my house. Secondly you’re definitely not alone in your feelings. Remember that it’s ok to feel your feelings just don’t stay there, and you didn’t, you went to church to get some Jesus and make yourself feel better.
    I’m sorry if you’re discouraged my friend. Maybe God has something amazing waiting for you around the bend!

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    1. Run Wright says:

      I hope there’s something amazing happening for you also.


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