Tuesday Notes

Tuesday’s run was just 2 miles because my hamstring was hurting. I guess it’s time to wear those new running shoes I’ve been saving for a race. http://runwright.net

I finished up the workout with 10 mins of repeated bicycle crunches, scissors and Burpees. I was sweating bullets when I was done.

For me, morning workout leads to big breakfasts … Refueling is important.

Breakfast of champions: Leftover pizza, scrambled eggs with spinach

A measly Lunch: A fortune cookie, a handful of almonds, and an apple, not pictured

This fortune cookie made me happy I had already run outdoors so I could focus on my comedy 😀

By Dinnertime I was starving again: Thin spaghetti with pesto sauce and chicken, Jamaican cheddar cheese to top it off. Yum!

Other pictures that were a part of my day:

I wrote the poem below but I can’t claim to know the fellow.

I love this quote about teamwork and why people need people. 

I finished my first book for the reading challenge

 And that was Tuesday.

What was the best part of your day? How did you celebrate cinco de mayo? (As you can see, I didn’t really, at least not in the traditional sense)

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Leftover pizza is the best breakfast 🙂


    1. Run Wright says:

      So I found out. Expect to see it show up in future meals, especially since I convinced myself that the spinach-eggs next to it made it a healthy meal 🙂


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