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  • Do you think about getting older? Do you worry about it? Click to read this New York Times Op Ed article that celebrates the wisdom of experience in a way I don’t see often in the media but that I totally appreciate. 
  • I am starting a new diet – a 14-day version of this plan. It’s a strict diet, no cheating, no treating, no justifying, just doing what I’m supposed to do to reset my eating habits and reset my metabolism. There must be an alternative way to treat myself – aside from eating frozen yoghurt with all the toppings. Walks. That’s it! I’ll treat myself to walks by the river… Or something like that 
  • I’ve started adding the 4 minute workout a couple times a day to restart my fitness profile.   
  • I’ve watched the public spectacle that is The Bachelor and thought it was stupid but entertaining. The Bachelorette is even more stupid and even less entertaining. I can’t believe the network that gave us Jeopardy, Shondaland and Lost also broadcasts this train wreck. And no matter what happens at the end, none of these couples stay together anymore. This show is a farce! And not an entertaining one! 
  • My blistered foot is getting better. Looking forward to a long run sometime this weekend. 
  • I was reading this book in the train and I got to a point where I just closed the book and sat there wanting to cry but holding my tears back because I didn’t want someone to ask what was wrong with me. How could I explain how this book moved me? 
  • I used to be a real basketball fan. I would watch the game instead of studying, I knew the teams, the players, their signature plays. And then somehow, I started to lose interest. Now I’m surprised when I turn the tv on and the finals are on. Did I change? Was I really not a fan to begin with? 

What’s on your mind today? 

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  1. Kay R. says:

    I watch the Bachelor and Bachelorrete as well. I agree the Bachelor is way more entertaining.

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    1. Run Wright says:

      This season is really really bad. I heard a lady on the morning show say this latest episode was one of the worst she’s ever seen. But you know, I’m still watching the train wreck. Curiosity.


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