Week in photos 

The week in photos 

I got a care package from home and since then, most of my meals since then look something like this  

 My friend brought me this patty from Devon House in Jamaica. Yum!  

Sitting in Central Park – all that open space in the photo is supposed to represent all the possibilities. 

I’m thinking this broken payphone in front of a apartment building has zero chance of being repaired.   

It was too hot for regular clothes this week. Tunics and leggings was the most dressed up I could get. 

I saw this picture in an article I was reading about immigration.     

And then I took shoe pictures of my own – a more hopeful scene, I hope. When I am finished reading a book, I stage it with items that mean something in the novel.   

I read while I eat.   

I downloaded this app on my phone and when I log a run or walk, some money gets donated to a charity – I chose Stand Up to Cancer. 
What was the highlight of your week? 

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  1. Kay R. says:

    I love how you staged “Gone Girl” – so cute. Also that patty looks yummy. Jamaican food is yummy on the whole!

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