The Truth Behind The Clutter

Let It Go was the chorus line for one of last year’s most popular songs but it’s also the message in most books about organizing and decluttering a space. Behind The Clutter shares a different perspective – if the stuff you have doesn’t make you happy, get rid of it. It doesn’t matter how much you paid for it, who gave it to you, what the economic or sentimental value. If it doesn’t bring happiness to you, give it to someone who will enjoy it more. There are 4 considerations June Saruwatari wants you to ask about everything in your life – physical or abstract – the Truth, Love, Meaning and Purpose behind it all.

After each thought is an exercise for you to do or journal about – how you can seek value in the things you have in your life, focusing on whether the items bring you joy, experiencing the fullness of that joy and then moving on.  

 Full Disclosure: I received a free electronic copy of Behind The Clutter from in exchange for an honest review but I’m ordering a couple paper copies – one for me and one so I can share with a friend. 

As a matter of fact, this is one behavior Behind The Clutter also addresses: if you read the book and constantly think about how these ideas would be perfect for someone else, you are robbing yourself of the focus you should be placing on your own growth. Now that’s something I’ve never read in a book like this. 

The book inspired me to rethink the way I organize various aspects of my non-physical life – emotional clutter, removing the excuses that I place in the way of my progress, addressing my unfinished projects and goals I haven’t started to tackle. 

I truly recommend Behind The Clutter as a workbook for anyone wanting to step forward into doing better in their lives. There’s something in this book for everyone, not just for people struggling to find more space in the closet but for everyone who’s ever felt weighted down with excuses and finally wants to move forward. 

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