Thursday Treats

All over the world today, people woke up feeling sluggish and sick and sad. Tomorrow could be different. It’s easy to stop the trajectory and turn things around. But tomorrow depends on what you do today – the way you treat your body today determines in large part how your body will treat you tomorrow. 

 Here are 10 things you can to do to make tomorrow a healthier day than today started:

  1. Eat some fruits – a banana, Fuji apple, kiwi, Julie mango – whatever your preference, whatever your location, find a fruit.
  2. Ask for whole wheat bread when you order your sandwich 
  3. Hold the butter, mayo and cheese. Use mustard and spices as condiments instead.
  4. Chew slowly and take the time to taste every bite, savoring every morsel of your food. You will eat less but it will also be more satisfying. 
  5. Cut down on salt and sugar 
  6. Eat lean proteins
  7. Snack on green salads 
  8. Exercise – whatever you like doing, as intense as you like doing it.
  9. Drink a full glass of water half an hour before your meal
  10. Aim to drink at least 4 of those 16 oz bottles of water:- 
  • one bottle first thing in the morning
  • sip another bottle between breakfast and lunch
  • half a bottle half an hour before lunch, drink the other half after the meal is finished
  • sip another bottle throughout the afternoon.

This might not be new information but sometimes we need a reminder to invest in tomorrow’s health profile by the choices we make today. 


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  1. Julia says:

    Awesome post! I know when I am putting good fuel in my body I feel SO much better!

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    1. Run Wright says:

      Yup. The reminder was more for me than anyone. I didn’t workout or eat properly yesterday and I could feel the effects this morning. But I’m working hard today to have a better day tomorrow. I hope the same for you. 😀


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