The Big E

The last few days have been action-packed and I haven’t been keeping you posted on what I’m doing. Here’s what I’ve been up to.

I went to a funeral on Thursday

Friday was so cold and rainy, I spent the workday indoors and got some good editing done.

 On Saturday, we had a Pathfinder event and I was responsible for making kilos of salad for lunch, which somehow I forgot to take pictures of.

Sunday, we went up to Massachusetts for the Big E which is an Expo of the Northeastern states. I’ve been there before and it’s an awesome experience. It’s a state fair so there are cool animals and farm produce to see…

… And there are rides

… but the fair is also a big sales opportunity for people to demo their goods and entice you with the awesomeness. It’s hard to say no to these great products – like this cleaner that can make old sneakers look like new again

The size of this cup had me thinking that it’s all relative when you say you want a cup of hot cocoa. Imagine if I had this cup? (It costs $22 by the way, because it’s a Star Trek souvenir, but focus on the size)

This was my first time seeing a hybrid piano – looks like a regular baby-grand but it has speakers and it can connect to your electronics. How cool is that!

My friend bought a Vitamix after we maxed out on the samples

 There was food that was a little too exotic for my taste… Smoked rattlesnake???

… But then there’s the food that you just don’t eat everyday that you don’t even try to say no to. Like this huge bag of kettle corn that somehow made it back home with me.

It was an awesome experience and I’m looking forward to next year.

Monday, I lost my old Coffeeshop… Although a better one opened a few blocks away.

I spent some time drooling over some books at my favorite Barnes and Noble.

 And listened to some cool songs to inspire the creative process

 and considered whether Moon cheese should really be a thing.

All that background noise and food for thought must have worked because I’d cranked out over 4,000 words by quitting time. Yes!!

I’ve missed the gym for the past few days so I gotta get back there today. I’ve been planking and doing push-ups at home to keep the momentum going but I need a treadmill session in my life today. There are a few other things I need to do today like the list on this pin…

 What’s been going on with you? What was the best part of your weekend? What are you looking forward to this week?

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