How Do You React To A Person With A Disability?

Yesterday, I got in line to pay for a blouse in H&M and the cashier had a partly severed hand. I couldn’t stop staring at it when I noticed it. And then I realized how long I had been looking at her before I even noticed it. She was disabled but not handicapped. I was impressed.

I wanted to ask her how she lost her hand – was it an accident? It looked like it had happened when she was a child, a baby even. Was it a birth defect? 

And then I thought she maybe gets asked the same question 100 times a day and she must be tired of it. I thought about why I was really asking. Did I care? Or was I curious? It’s not like I could do anything to help. It’s not like she needed my help. Yes, she has a disability but she’s working, she’s capable, she’s owning her moment. And there’s so much more to this young lady than the fact that she has a severed hand. Why didn’t I ask her about her 5-year plan if I just wanted to know more about her? Maybe, I could be a little more tactful.

So I smiled at her as she folded my blouse expertly, like normal, better even, at least she folded it, some of the cashiers just stuff the things you buy into the bag. And when she was done, I said thank you and left. Was it the right thing to do? I don’t know. But it’s what I did so that’s that.

I am grateful God puts different people in my path to give me new experiences, most of which allow me to think about my life, about what I am doing here on earth, and I am reminded of how well He has provided for me and protected me. I’m just thankful for life.

What’s on your mind today?

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