A More Perfect Union

Is there A More Perfect Union than running and a fall backdrop in Central Park? If so, I can’t think of it right now.   

  I started off running and kept stopping to take photos. 

Pics of trees and leaves blown in the wind…  

 … pics of leaves at my feet…  
 … pics of other people (like these two men on a tandem bike)
 … pics of berries  

… and this couple strolling by the water   
There is so much to look at in the park! But then I realized my photography was making my pace look really bad so I stopped my running app after about two thirds of a mile and started again. 

This time, I ran 2 miles with minimal picture taking so my pace was a little better. I did have to stop to photograph these horses that just appeared in my way when I rounded a bend. And then, because I’ve learned to have a healthy fear of animals bigger than me, I took my time approaching them, walking by them, and even after passing them.  

 I don’t know if some of the free water from the fountain perked me up so even though I was feeling busted before the water just ran another one third of a mile to make it an even 3 mile run. 

Chicken fried rice with purple cabbage and carrots for the refuel. Absolutely delicious and filling.  

 Perfect fall run!  

In 3 days time, over 50,000 runners will descend on this same route when they enter the last leg in Central Park, running towards the finish line of the NYC Marathon. I know the runners will be focused on finishing those last couple of miles but I hope they notice the beauty even in their peripheral vision. It’s easy to miss a blessing when you’re focused on chasing another one. 

I hope you take some time to notice your blessings today. 

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  1. sfarnell says:

    Thats an interesting view… Was that on your run?

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    1. Run Wright says:

      Yup. It was. It’s the kind of view that forces you to stop running and pay attention. πŸ˜€

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      1. sfarnell says:

        Its important to stop! ☺


  2. I just realized the beauty of running outdoors during my last 5k by the beach! It definitely inspired me to set a goal of getting out more. Which I did just that today on a hike near a park so close to me with trails I have never ventured through! It was nice hearing the birds and seeing the trees. I even saw some horse stables today! Nice shots by the way! It’s always so hard for me to get good photos still. I especially like the berries one and the tandem bike! I’ve always wanted to try that.


  3. Great pictures! I stopped to take a couple of pics during my run in Philly. I love running in Central Park – but I haven’t done it in the fall yet!


    1. Run Wright says:

      Thanks a lot, Janelle! I love the pics on your blog too. The view is one of the perks of running outside.


  4. These are great pictures Karen. This really would be an incredible finish for the NYC Marathon, to go through a leg of Central Park. That is a lot of runners, and hard to get my mind around that.
    Wishing you a great weekend! πŸ™‚

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    1. Run Wright says:

      I hope you are having a great weekend also, Carl. Thanks for the comment. The marathon is usually broadcast on ESPN and looking at the crowd of runners is always amazing.

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