What Is A Cook Book?

When is a cookbook not just a cookbook? When it’s a cook-book, of course!

I don’t know about you but there are certain people I consider experts about certain subjects. It doesn’t matter how great this or that new person sounds on a topic, I’ll always go back to the one I trust when I’m looking for expertise. One of those people is Andrew Weil, MD. I don’t know if it’s the white beard but I consider him a holistic health expert. So having him endorse a cookbook means I want to try it. He didn’t disappoint!

The Longevity Kitchen by Rebecca Katz with Mat Edelson, is a cookbook because it has lots of new recipes (over 100 of them), it suggests new ways to prepare familiar foods and it has delicious looking photographs of those meals. But it’s more like a health reference because Katz and Edelson speak about how food nourishes your body, they give you reasons to choose certain foods based on individual dietary needs and they discuss the science behind food combinations that will maximize synergistic benefits (a fancy way of saying the things you should eat together to get the most nourishment from your meals)

What a good cook-book should do for you

This book would make a great gift for someone who:

  • is interested in food science
  • is trying to eat healthier
  • likes to cook and could use some new, fresh ideas
  • thinks eating vegetables means microwaving broccoli and needs a little wake up call on the variety that is healthy eating.
  • wants to live a longer, healthier life.

That’s everyone, right?

The Longevity Kitchen is a great read. I was so glad Blogging for Books gave me a free copy so I could write this review but if I’d seen this book in the bookstore first, I would have definitely bought it and taken it home myself. It’s the kind of book you kinda want to put on your nightstand and read every night as you plan a healthier day ahead What a good cook-book should do for youTwo of my favorite quotes from the book:

  • All it takes to set the wheels of change in motion is one dish that combines sensational flavors and superior nutrition.
  • I can (and will) give you a million reasons to eat vegetables, but here’s the only one that really matters: they taste great. 

Maybe you don’t believe me that the Longevity Kitchen book is awesome. Click here to read an excerpt of the book for yourself. 

So, when is a cookbook not just a cookbook? When it stops being just a decorative book on your kitchen counter and instead becomes a book you use to make your life better – when it’s a book that enhances your health and longevity.

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