I Met A Girl

I met a girl. Her name is… oops, I can’t remember her name. It might come back to me. It would make sense that I can’t remember her name – she’s not particularly pretty. She’s not model tall or rail-thin. She didn’t turn heads until she started to speak, and by then there wasn’t anyone else around to be impressed – just me. She didn’t smile a lot when we talked. But when her phone rang and she walked away to talk to someone else, someone who, even though they weren’t standing there, was infinitely more interesting to her than me, even after the rebuff, she touched me.  

 Well, her words touched me… although I still can’t remember her name… but, she said things are simple. She said that we make things complicated but they are really simple.

That if we can’t figure out how to move forward, we have two choices – quit or find another way.

That either a person loves you and would do anything for you, or they don’t. That there is no in-between. That when it comes to love and commitment, there’s no exception, no excuses, no explanation.

She said that she’s not married because she’s never made that decision for someone. Nor has anyone stepped forward to make that decision about her.And when …. man, I wish I could remember her name … but when her phone rang and she transferred her attention from saying random, and what she might have thought were irrelevant, things to me and moved that attention to someone else, I realized she had said all she needed to.

Either it’s a commitment or it isn’t. There is no middle ground. You can commit to a person, to a job, to a plan, to a belief, to a principle. There is no exemption, no exception, no excuse.  

 Things aren’t that complicated. If there’s a reason you’re standing in the place you think is the gray area, it’s because you haven’t made the commitment. It’s because you haven’t said yes. Maybe you don’t want to say yes. Maybe you shouldn’t. Maybe yes isn’t the right answer. Who knows.

But at the end of the day, things are that simple.

Thanks… sorry I wish I could remember your name so I could send you a thank you card. But that’s okay, I’m sure wherever you are today, you’re changing someone else’s life. And that’s awesome.

But in the meantime, let me ask you the same question: Did you make a commitment to a plan, an idea, a belief, a principle or a person? Did you decide to go all the way and make an unwavering commitment to a goal this year (a goal or resolution)? And how is it going?

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  1. Patrice says:

    This is so profound.
    Maybe thou should write a book about the leading you learned on the street.

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    1. Run Wright says:

      Ah, Patrice. I’m ahead of you with that one. 😊 the book is being published as we speak. Coming soon to a location near you!
      Thanks for believing in me, my dear.


  2. Mary-The Boondocks Blog says:

    Very well said and very well written Karen! And here I thought the post was about the girl not committing to your conversation with her, by walking away. Or was it?

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    1. Run Wright says:

      No it wasn’t. In fact, it was best that she left. If she had stayed, she might have tried to explain and the message might have been lost in between other details.
      Thank you for reading, Mary.

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  3. I really enjoyed this post, very clever!!!
    I could just see a few people come to mind as I read this, some people do make things so complicated, but as the girl put it, they really are so simple.
    I think we do tend to throw excuses into the mix of thing, and by the time we begin worrying and stressing we’ve taken some of the most simplest things or decisions and turned them into a huge complicated mess, that we truly can only blame ourselves for.
    Gave me lots of food for thought tonight, I enjoyed it thanks!!!

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    1. Run Wright says:

      Thanks so much for reading.


  4. khanmisbah says:

    Enjoyed this post…..its unique

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    1. Run Wright says:

      Thank you so much.

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  5. Paul Goddard says:



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