Good To Print

In the print-making industry, Bon à Tirer is a French phrase meaning “good to print”. Bon à Tirer is the standard by which each print is measured. The care that goes into preparing the pattern, the ink, the medium, all of it has to be checked and everything has to adhere to some pre-determined standard of artistry before someone presses the “Print” button. Sylvie Covey’s Modern Printmaking describes the process to get to that Bon à Tirer  standard.

  • For the avid hobbyist looking to learn basic printmaking so she can use wood blocking to make artsy wall hangings, Covey shares secrets on choosing the right media, preparing the artwork and laying the print.
  • For the historian looking to understand the origins of the craft and perhaps to trace its trajectory, Modern Printmaking explains the various printing techniques – how each one came into being and how it has evolved since then.
  • For the artist, or purist, who is interested in taking a passion for pattern making and reproducing that art on another medium to make it a more durable, art form, this book is for them too.
  • Modern Printmaking even has a few chapters dedicated to digital print-making. If you’ve ever captured a really beautiful image on your camera and wished you could display your digital art creatively in someplace other than your Instagram feed, then this book is especially for you.

I love hobbies. I have many hobbies and I am interested in various forms of art. A few years ago, I took a short textile-printing course and have been experimenting with painting fabrics ever since. I’ve toyed with making pictures and someday, I hope to stock my Etsy store with prints that I have designed and printed and that will all be up to that Bon à Tirer standard. Modern Printmaking is an excellent resource for any artist with similar interests. Modern Printmaking by Sylvie Covey

Note: I received a free copy of Modern Printmaking from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review. This in now way influenced how much I love this book.

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  1. ooh so interesting! 🙂 Art and print… two of my favorite things! 🙂 XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

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    1. Run Wright says:

      Yes, good. I feel like I’m in good company now 😀


  2. Sounds like a great read and resource. I’d love to see where the inspiration from this takes you.

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    1. Run Wright says:

      Thanks Becky. I am interested in so many things it’s hard to find time for all of them but I’ll definitely share what I do.

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      1. I know the feeling! Too many things are too much fun, right? 😛

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  3. One of the classes I had to take in college was textiles (for interior design) I thought I’d hate it, but it was seriously facinating and the projects were just fun! This looks like a fun book to use to start or try a new hobby!
    Have fun being artsy! I wish I had more time to do it myself!

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    1. Run Wright says:

      Thanks, Kristy. I don’t know why I am still always so amazed at how much of the same things we are interested in. 😀


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