Me Gusta Correr

I ran 2.2 miles this morning before breakfast and while I was out, I was just singing to myself, like a mantra, Me gusta correr. Me gusta correr. I like to RUN!  

 Does running make you happy? I think we should do the things we love. If an activity or a job or a relationship doesn’t bring satisfaction and fulfillment and happiness, we should move on to other things – find the things we enjoy instead. 

Running makes me happy. So does writing. And reading. And talking. And traveling. 

Me gusta correr. I hope you find your happy too. 


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  1. I love this! What a fun idea. Me gusta su blog!

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    1. Run Wright says:

      Awww you make me smile. Thanks, T

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  2. So cute, love this!
    Running makes me happy too, so does traveling and talking with fun friends. Wait who am I kidding, I love to talk, I have fun chatting it up with total strangers too, LOL


  3. Two miles before breakfast? I’m good for nothing but Twitter before breakfast – I don’t know how you do it 🙂

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