After The First Quarter

At the end of March, how are you doing with your 2016 goals?My 2016 goals are ambitious. That’s a given. That’s because I have a lot I want to accomplish and I don’t want to waste any more time. My full list of 2016 goals is listed here but here’s how I’m doing at the end of Q1:

Running/ Health and Fitness

I made lots of fitness goals this year but it’s gotten off to a slow start – there are always other things to focus on and the extreme cold winter made me think about doing everything except working out.

BUT I’ve finally started again. I got back into running – last week I ran 3 times for a total of 7 miles. It’s not much in the big scheme of things but my goal this week is to increase that to 4 runs, 2 miles each time. The key to staying healthy is to not crank up the mileage too fast.

I’ve been changing my diet steadily but surely. I am not vegetarian but I’ve been trying to get my diet centered around plant-based foods, cutting way back on my sugar consumption, and eating more natural, whole, unprocessed foods. I’ve lost some weight (don’t ask how much) but even better than that, I feel healthier, and isn’t that the goal?

This coming Saturday, I’ll be participating in a know-your-numbers campaign so maybe I’ll share my numbers with you then.

Click to read more about transitioning to plant-based foods, the benefits of eating raw and 10 tips for eating right


I am behind on my financial goals but still plodding along with paying down debts so I can be debt free by 5/16 and then transition to working on my other goals.

Personal Development
  • Goal: Read 100 books. So far, I’ve read 12/50 Fiction and 10/50 Non-Fiction  for a total of 22. That means I am 3 books behind schedule.
  • Goal: Complete Popsugar Reading Challenge by 12/16 – so far I’ve read 17 of the 40 categories
  • I completed the Winter Reading Challenge in 1/16
  • I completed 1 John Maxwell class in Feb and plan to start another in May
  • Prepare all Pathfinders to master their respective classes by 6/16
  • Goal to be fluent in French by June 4, 2016: I fell behind on my daily practice videos when I got sick and lost my voice or just couldn’t stop coughing for a few days but I have been practicing and will start the videos again soon. 
  • In March, I published 1 of the 3 books I plan to release in 2016 – click here to check out It’s Complicated: Short Stories About Long Relationships
  • I planned to write 5 books in 2016. I spent the first couple of months getting my short story collection ready. Now that that’s done, I’m focusing on a novel that’s about three-quarters of the way done and hope to have the draft ready for reviews by the end of April.
  • I gave a sermonette at my church on March 30th – it was my first so it was challenging and exciting and fun and I plan to do it again soon.
  • I plan to read the entire Bible in 2016 and so far, I’ve only finished 5 of the 66 books. Pray for me.
Blog and Social Media
  • Goal: 2K blog followers – I have 500 people reading right now and I’m feeling blessed to have such a great audience.
  • Goal: 7K IG followers – 916 were following me in February; at the end of March, there were 1041. Awesome!
  • Goal: I am hoping to have 5K users reading my Twitter feed by the end of year. Right now, I have 664. Good start.

The winter months have been a bust for traveling and so far this year, I haven’t left the state except for a weekend in Connecticut and a couple day excursions into New Jersey. I don’t know if that counts for travel. Anyway, I’m hoping to change all that as the summer rolls around. I have the following trips planned:

  • Union Camporee in Rhode Island, May 18-22
  • Virginia Beach for BAYDA – I’ve decided against this trip and am replacing it with a trip to Atlanta in June
  • Blog Fest in California, July 14-17
  • Jamaica to spend happy time with my family at Christmas 2016

How are you doing with your goals? Do you do a monthly or quarterly check-in to see if you’re on schedule? If so, please share. 

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  1. Love all the progress your making on your goals!
    Great job on your reading challenge, I have a goal to read 52 books, (I only read for pleasure so all Fiction, LOL) but I am at 26 so a little a head, but I know I won’t have much time to read the 2nd half of the years, so it’s probably good that I am ahead right now, ha ha.
    Great job on your blogging goals too, IG is one of the harder ones to grow. It can be done, but it’s so much slower growing than other things (in my opinion), so I think you’re doing stellar on that front!
    Good luck with your Bible reading, you can do it! Sometimes they extend reading challenges at church to our youth, and when they did the Bible last year, there was a gal who just read it all in a week, at 16. Impressive, so when I look at that I say, well guess that means any of us can get it done.. (BTW No Idea how she did it, so fast:)

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  2. Way to go staying accountable, and making good progress! That’s wonderful you were able to share at your church! What was your topic?

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    1. Run Wright says:

      Thanks Sarah. I spoke about miracles and blessings – I have received a lot of both.


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