4 Bookish People

You know I just published my first short story collection. Of course you know that. Just thought I’d remind you and let you know you can click here to buy a copy and support your favorite blogger, me 😊

 Since I’ve started promoting it, I’ve been finding out that there are lots of writers and published authors around. In fact, just last night, a friend who’s coming to my book party this Sunday told me about 2 of her friends who are authors. I linked them online and downloaded their books too.

Now that I’ve put it out into the universe that I’m a writer and I’m interested in meeting other writers, God has been sending me writers to meet and follow – people to learn from (and even people to teach some of what I’ve learned). Here are a few of the established authors that I follow and think you should check out too:

1. JoJo Moyes

I had a chance to read her debut novel (Sheltering Rain, published in 2002) as well as her most recent novel, After You – the sequel to Me Before You. I love to see how authors change and get better with time and she definitely has.

I also follow her because she responds to tweets and she’s funny on Twitter

She tweeted this after she posted a trailer of the movie based on her book

2. Liane Moriarty doesn’t tweet. She has a blog that was last updated in May 2015. But she’s funny and I tell myself she’s offline because she’s creating a new novel and new characters for us to love. I read all her books last year and am eagerly waiting for her next release. She also has 2 sisters who are authors too.

3. Malcolm Gladwell is funny. He has Jamaican roots and he’s so relatable. I would like to, at some point, read everything he’s written.


4. I started following Karen White a few months ago after I read one of her books. I was majorly (is that a word?) impressed when she followed me back and retweeted me. That cemented her place on my authors-I-follow list.

 Do you follow writers online? Who?

4 Comments Add yours

  1. I follow a lot of writers online. I am actually a member of a world wide writers group, and each area has their own sub-section. In my city alone we have about 16 of us in the group. All but 3 of us are published authors, some of them even have 20+ books on the market. Technically I am published if you consider printed newspapers, but not yet on a novel.I learn so much from them at our monthly meetings. I’ve written a book, but unlike you I haven’t submitted it to see about getting an agent or publisher. So I give you huge props you’ve done this. If your book is on Amazon, maybe I can get it ordered into our Library system:)
    Truthfully, I love surrounding myself with authors, conversation is always tons of fun and I just love to learn from them and have really enjoyed my friendships with them all!

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    1. Run Wright says:

      Thanks so much for this, Kristy. It’s Complicated is not on Amazon yet. Right now, I am selling it through my own site but I will come back to you with the link when it is. The writing group is really an amazing community to belong to. I can’t imagine sitting in a conversation with so many published writers but it sounds like a great opportunity to find mentors and get links.


  2. Kay R. says:

    Oh girl congrats!! Ill be purchasing a copy soon. I didnt know you had already published! Thats a hopefully “one day soon” dream for me!

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    1. Run Wright says:

      Thanks, Kay. I am just pursuing this little dream of mine. I have lots of stories to share so hopefully, there are many other books behind this one.


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