When to dig the well 

How long do you wait before you start looking for water? 

It was Harvey MacKay who first said: 

Dig your well before you get thirsty.

The process of digging a well is fraught with uncertainty. If you’ve ever seen a well being dug (or dug one yourself), you know that in the rainy seasons, you might find water after just a couple hours of digging. At other times, you could dig for days with nothing but a pile of dust to show for your efforts. It’s best to start digging before you need it so when you’re thirsty, the water is already available. 

You can’t wait until you need water to start thinking about where it’s going to come from. You can’t wait until you need a job to go to college to get certified. You can’t wait until the house is flooded to think about where your important papers are. You can’t wait until there’s a fire to figure out where the fire escape is located. You can’t wait until there’s a problem to figure out how to solve it. 

Any bit of knowledge you acquire, will help keep you prepared for new opportunities. You never know when you’ll need the well, so it’s best to dig it in advance so it’s ready when you need it. 

In every aspect of life, preparation is key. 

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