Give Up

The story is told of a church that was in dire need of repair. One day during the worship service, a piece of the ceiling plaster fell on the pastor’s head and immediately, a board meeting was called to discuss what should be done.

Everyone agreed that the building was too old and was way past the point of being patched up. A new, structurally sound building was needed ASAP. As the meeting progressed, four decisions were made:

  1. We will build a new church.
  2. We will build a new church in the same spot as the old church.
  3. We will use the materials from the old church to build the new church.
  4. We will keep worshipping in the old church until the new church is built.

How can they build a new church when they won’t give up the old one? How can they get something new if they won’t give up the thing that’s preventing them from getting it?

Everyone on the church board agreed that there was a problem. Everyone agreed on what the solution was. Yet no one wanted to do what was necessary for the solution to come about. They liked the new solution but they preferred the comfort of the old problem more.

This is how goals you said you’re going to achieve become dreams you merely talk about. This is how well-described plans die. No one likes change but everyone says they want the thing that change would result in. 

In January, we set some lofty goals for ourselves. How are we doing on them now? If you made real progress, it’s because you abandoned the comfort zone and did something you’ve never done before. If you’re lagging behind in your goals, chances are it’s because you haven’t been willing to give up the comfortable.

I don’t say this to berate you – I say this to hold myself accountable. Tomorrow, I will do a May recap that will assess how I am progressing in my goals but I don’t have to look at them individually to know I’m not where I said I would be at this time. So far, I’m not reaching my goals. I’m not getting the things I said I would attain because I haven’t been willing to leave some things behind and reach for the ‘better’ that I said I wanted.

It’s hard to grab onto something new if your fists are still clenched around the relics of the past. To accomplish one’s goal, then, requires the fist first be unclenched.

What is your goal? What do you have to give up first in order to reach for it?

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  1. Great post and right on time!

    I need to give up fear of failing and not being successful. It holds me back way too much!

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    1. Run Wright says:

      That makes two of us, my dear. I am so tired of what compromising is getting me. I am ready for some real success!

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  2. Simon says:

    It’s not often I see Churches coming to as quick and rational desicions as that. But this is the problem with the English, different points of view, inflexibility and personalities.
    It’s good to see it can work! 🙂

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    1. Run Wright says:

      Haha. Everyone decides to change but also decides that change would be too inconvenient. This is when the English disagreement might be best adopted.

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      1. Simon says:

        People passionately hate change here, especially in churches. I think they think it’s evil. Also becasue the majority of people that run churches are older and it can take months to decide that something needs to be done – it’s often very painful.

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      2. Run Wright says:

        I think that’s the case in most churches – we got lost in being part of the establishment and forget that we don’t have to be rigid in all aspects. It’s the same no matter where we are.

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      3. Simon says:

        Too true! 🙂

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  3. Love this. I have a goal of being a successful entrepreneur. I know that I just have to keep pushing on and not look so much at the numbers but focus on the day to day tasks.

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    1. Run Wright says:

      Thanks, P. Warren Buffett said you should pare down your priority list to be a success. You can’t focus on everything so choose a couple things and focus only on them. Have you decided on what your business will be?


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