You Make Me Smile

Last weekend was a tough one and the week seemed to kind of fade in – what with saying farewell to my friend that passed away the week before. But that Sunday night, I could feel the weight of the sadness on me. My head felt like there was a weight attached to it. I couldn’t get the loss out of my mind. So I made a decision to look up and look forward. I decided to stop crying. Oh, if it was always that easy. But, anyhow, I decided and it made a difference.

Whenever my mind would go to the bad place, I would make myself think a happy thought. Or I would immerse myself into doing something different. And now that the week is just a memory, I have a list of good things that came out of it. There were at least 5 good things that made me smile or just made my heart sing this past week. Some of them are just me turning my negative into a positive.

1. I relaunched my YouTube channel to focus on doing book reviews. I read a lot. I always want to share what I’m learning from books. So far, none of the people in my life seem to want to hear everything that I have to say about my book habit (negative) But I found an entire BookTube community who do (positive). And I’ve been getting some new subscribers and racking up some views. This is the lure of social media. Click here to check out my channel or just search karen_runwright on YouTube.

2. Almost all the people in my circle have already bought my book so now it feels like I’m running out of people to market to. Haha. Not really but sales and downloads were definitely slowing down (negative). I took to social media and started asking my Twitter followers to just check out a page and see if they like it. I got some great feedback (positive). Here’s what one reader said:

3. Speaking of Twitter. If you tweet regularly, does it feel like sometimes you’re just blabbing, moving your fingers but no one is reading? (Definite negative). This week, I had some cool interaction with a few authors I follow… Think Adam Grant who wrote Originals and Graeme Simsion who wrote The Rosie Project, both books I read last week. I would tweet my thoughts and they would like and retweet my posts. That’s a pretty cool experience (positive)

4. I went out to sell copies of my book on Friday. I met some new readers and made some new friends. I liked this post one reader left on my Facebook wall later.

I gave away a few copies of the book, which could be seen as a negative, because every copy I give away I have to pay for myself. But every copy given away was a gift to myself of a brand new reader that might not have read It’s Complicated otherwise. A young girl who got one of the giveaways was a German tourist. She started reading it right away and kept smiling with me and asking if I had really wrote it. Positive. Positive. POSITIVE!

5. On Saturday, I wanted to go away for a church event but I didn’t. It was disappointing. Total negative. Except that then I got to spend some time alone in worship and meditation. Positive. Positive. POSITIVE!

I had a great weekend. Not many pics to share but I feel recharged and ready to work on my goals. There are a few more days left in this half of the year and I’m excited to see what I can accomplish by focusing on my goals.

This week, I am working on:

  • Growing my readership for It’s Complicated as I prepare for the release of my follow-up book.
  • Growing my viewership of my YouTube channel. I act kinda silly on there. Apparently that’s what video watchers love.
  • Growing my savings. I have a goal to buy a big ticket item this summer and I am trying to set aside a few pennies for it.
  • Exercising at least 30 mins every day. My efforts in the past few weeks have been being rewarded and I am encouraged by the momentum.
  • Spending quality time on my creative writing. I tend to work hard on the peripheral projects and neglect my core items. I have to be intentional about not doing that.

How was your week? How is this new one shaping up for you so far?

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Karen, you really do inspire me. When I read your posts I’m always so impressed by how you manage life’s ups and downs, and how you plan and organize your week to accomplish your goals, and how you evaluate your progress. I need to do more of that! Thanks for the reminder!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. shaunaceyb says:

    I LOVE your positive spin on things, it really is inspiring!


  3. So sorry to read of your loss. That’s very difficult to go through. My mom always says it’s not the deceased who have it hard, it’s those who are left to mourn.
    Good luck with promoting your book.


  4. bellaramos says:

    I love your outlook and making a decision to keep yourself happy through this difficult time! I had no idea you wrote a book!! I need to get my hands on it asap 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Run Wright says:

      Ooh thanks, Bella . The book is on Amazon – paperback and kindle version


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