August Sunday

It’s confusing. It’s still hot as summer. But all around, there is talk of back of school. Uniforms instead of swimsuits. School supplies instead of beach reads. Bookbags instead of backpacking. My friends in Georgia actually went back to school today. What! In August? Isn’t it still summer!

Yesterday and last night, I was helping students with homework. I believe in all-year school but homework tutoring in August feels a little out-of-season. 

It’s August. Shouldn’t we all be in a water park somewhere, with our hair bronzing and out skin peeling from all the sun? Shouldn’t we be sipping frozen lemonade and lying on a lounge chair with a big, pink book with lipstick and high heels on the cover?

Summer is coming to a swift end. I haven’t done all the summer things I want to. I’m a little nervous. 

Time to get the fun in. 

I’m thinking about canceling my August goals so I can focus on the fun. 

What about you? Are you ready for what August means? 

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  1. Focus on the fun, it’s the most important part! I’m trying to make an effort to enjoy more of life, especially since living in London costs a bomb- I might as well enjoy it whilst I can!

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