Now That It’s You

Book Review 

  • Title: Now That It’s You
  • Author: Tawna Fenske
  • Genre: Contemplotary Romance, Fiction

What it’s about

As a thirty-something who ditches her fiancé at the altar and feels so guilty that she doesn’t see him for two years, Meg is completely believable. Its taken her two years to pay for the wedding that didn’t happen and now, just as she’s almost done, her ex, Matt, is sick. Perfect time to mend bridges, say she’s sorry and move on. Except that Matt dies before she has a chance to apologize and all hell breaks loose with her career, unrequited crushes and all the unresolved drama from his family’s unwillingness to forgive.

What I thought

There were many things I enjoyed about the book:

  • Meg’s desire to do the right thing by Matt and his family financially
  • her resolve to be self-made
  • her patience with her career and her self development
  • her relationship with her best friend. 

There was lots to dislike too:

  • I found Kyle too flawed. I wanted to like him but I just felt like he was still competing with his dead brother. 
  • I didn’t buy the romance. It was way too much too soon and if Kyle and Matt were as close as the author kept trying to convince me they were, the sequence of the book doesn’t make sense. 
  • There were little instances of trite conversation and sexual references that just felt inconsistent with the rest of the story. Sometimes, the dialogue between the two main characters made me want to blush, other times to shout at them. 

However, while it wasn’t all shouts of applause, there were instances where it helped illustrate the difficulties in starting new relationships while still encumbered with the baggage of the previous ones so the author redeemed herself.

    Overall rating: 3.5/5 stars

    I read a free electronic ARC of this book, compliments of Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.  

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