Sleeping With The Enemy

Do you sleep with something that is doing you more harm than good?

Whenever I fall asleep with my phone close to me, I wake up with a headache. I used to sleep with my phone in my bed. I use my iPhone as an alarm (and almost everything else). During the day, I am mostly glued to my phone and at night, that doesn’t change. When I’m really tired, it’s hard for me to wake up with just an electronic sound so I used to keep my phone in bed with me, to increase the odds that the alarm would be effective. After a while, I noticed that I would wake up feeling a little “tinny” with a dull ache in my body. I tried moving the phone further and further and further away, sometimes leaving it on the other side of the room while I sleep. I still use it for an alarm though so it’s never too far away.

Last night, I was listening to a video when I fell asleep and I woke up with the phone on my nightstand inches away from my head. And a headache. I woke up with a headache that only went away after I forced myself to drink 2 bottles of water, ate a banana and went for a run that felt like my head was encased in a torture device the whole time. Food, hydration and exercise. That’s my normal way of fighting a stress headache and it often works. But I’d rather not have these kinds of pains to begin with.


Is Your Smart Phone Harming You?

I’m going back to leaving the phone behind when I go to sleep but I really want to know if this happens to anyone else.

Do you sleep with your phone close to you? Have you ever woke up with a phone-induced headache?

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  1. I’ve fallen asleep with my phone next to me many times. My sisters and I text each other until well after midnight and we are all too tired and run out of things to say, LOL
    But I’ve never woken up with a headache. However, I do notice I don’t sleep as well with the phone nearby, besides the chance of a message dinging and waking me up. If the notification light starts flashing even if no sound, I’ll still wake up I don’t like that. So now I try to set it on the night stand and flip it over and ignore it, LOL

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    1. Run Wright says:

      Oh thanks so much for the comment, Kristy. Great to hear from you. I love that your and your sisters chat at night. I wish my girlfriends and I were that close but I seem to have lost touch with lots of them. Sad face.


  2. Brea says:

    I haven’t had headaches, but found your link the the Huff Post article very interesting. Although I certainly love using my phone, it made me feel a little better that I don’t have the same level of enormous dependency that the article mentioned. I do have the physical symptoms, however; my neck is jacked and ‘text claw’ is a real thing for my left hand especially (although I vote on having a better name for it).

    Are used to sleep with my phone on the bedside table, but I moved it out of our bedroom when my husband said the buzzing from text and various alerts was waking him up. I still use the phone as an alarm, but it is in the other room (with volume on high 😉).

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