Becoming Queen Bee

If I say queen bee to you, you first instinct might be to think that I mistyped and that I really mean to write Queen Bey, meaning Beyonce. You might get into formation or whatever the members of her “Bey-hive” are doing these days. I don’t know too much but about that stuff but this time, I am taking about the queen bee, lowercase, the ruler of a literal hive. Becoming Queen Bee

I read this in Cameron Diaz’ Longevity Book and I couldn’t help sharing.

Every hive of honeybees has a queen bee that is special. The queen is unique from her subjects in a number of ways. She has a longer body than the other bees and a much longer life span. She is the only bee in the hive with the ability to secrete a pheromone that makes the other bees work together for a common cause. And she is the only one that can reproduce.

Here’s the crazy thing: genetically, she is identical to her sisters. But when they were larvae, just a mass of cells on their way to becoming honeybees, it was the queen who got the best nutrient, and the most of them. Only one thing made her more capable than the others: nutrition. In the hive, she who gets the most royal jelly gets the crown.

Across the animal kingdom, nutrition is health, it is life, it is destiny. The food your mother ate when you were a fetus influenced your mental and physical development; the food you ate growing up provided the basis for your health as an adult, and the food you eat today and tomorrow ill influence how you feel as an older woman.

Nutrition is key. For a long time, I thought it was exercise. it’s not an either or situation. You really need to monitor your diet and activity in order to achieve optimum health. But all our nourishment comes from our food. Without proper nutrition, you could live in the gym and not be healthy.

What are you eating today to improve your longevity? 

I am really enjoying reading this book. I read her earlier Body Book and learned a lot from it and this one is just as packed with information, presented as a talk between girlfriends. This isn’t a review or a sponsored post but I definitely recommend reading them.

Have you read either of Cameron Diaz’ books? 

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  1. Wow! So true. I have got to look into that book.

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