Stepping Back Into The Closet

I have a full closet and drawers that don’t close no matter how much I declutter and donate. Yet, day after day I gripe I have nothing to wear. The things I love don’t fit, the things that fit don’t often spark joy when I get dressed in them. Sometimes, after many indecisive minutes in front of the mirror, I throw on the closest thing I can put my hands on and step away.

I’ve read style guides before but haven’t found one that matched up with my taste, my eccentric nature and my budget. I think The Curated Closet is for me. And if any of the above scenario sounds familiar, this book is for you too.

The Curated Closet is a beautiful book. Paperback with velvety soft feel, the colors on the cover are muted and gorgeous. Just having this book on my desk made me feel like my style profile had improved.

The inside cover reads:

Is your closet jam-packed and yet you have absolutely nothing to wear? Can you describe your personal style in one sentence? If someone grabbed a random piece from your closet right now, how likely it is that it would be something you love and wear regularly? 

I cringed on reading this paragraph. I can’t imagine anyone stepping into my closet and trying to read me from what is in there. Sure, there are great pieces but there are also things I hang onto that I wouldn’t let anyone else see.

Thankfully, The Curated Closet is not about shaming me for what’s in mine. Rather, it is a style guide – helping you to analyze your habits, gauge how happy you are with them, and help you figure what, if anything, you want to change, and help you achieve that.

It includes tricks on how to set style goals, how to select a color palette, how to build a wardrobe that suits your actual life (instead of the fantasy life I often find myself shopping for), how to style a good outfit into a great one, tips for shopping online or in-store, how to decide when to buy and went keep looking.

This is a great how-to guide and I would recommend it to any lady who’s interested in making the most of her appearance. I enjoyed flipping through the book and am now ready to embark on my own style journey. In the next couple of days, I will start with the initial questionnaires as I delve further into decoding my style. I hope you’ll come back and share the adventure with me. Kudos to author and fellow blogger, Anuschka Rees for creating such a beautiful, usable book.

Title: The Curated Closet 

Author: Anuschka Rees

Book: Paperback, 272 pages

The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees

I received a free copy of this book from Blogging For Books in exchange for an honest review.

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    1. Run Wright says:

      Thanks Lidia. In a few days, I’ll be doing a follow up on using the book. Stay tuned.


  1. Kate W says:

    Agree – the cover of this book is enough to tell me that whatever’s inside will match what appeals to me.

    I ‘had my colours done’ by a stylist a year or so ago. Even though I was fairly certain what looked good on me, I now have a handy swatch collection that I keep in my handbag. When I shop for clothes, if the colour doesn’t fit my palette (which does have heaps of shades), I don’t buy the clothes. The stylist explained that although there’s no issue straying from your palette, if you do decide to stick to it, everything in your wardrobe will co-ordinate. And guess what? She’s right! Having been through two winters now with the palette in place, I found that I hardly wore things that didn’t fit with the colours – they won’t see another winter in my wardrobe. As a result, I’ve been able to get rid of so much stuff and now I happily wear everything in my wardrobe.


  2. I’ve minimized my closet so much! from stuff I couldn’t fit to stuff I know I’d never wear. Its so liberating 🙂 I usually wear black or neutrals so that makes things easy

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    1. Run Wright says:

      I still have some clothes that don’t fit that I am sure will fit me in the future if I can just lose the weight that’s been hanging around me for a couple years now. It’s crazy, right?


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