Full House Reading Challenge Completed

I used 25 of the books I’ve read so far this year to complete this Full House Reading Challenge. If you’re looking for recommendations or want to chat about any of the books listed here, leave a comment below.

Full House Challenge Grid 2016

B1 Book by author you wish was known better: Other People’s Children/ Joanna Trollope 4.5 stars 367 pages completed 4/28/16

B2 Had laugh-out-loud moments: This Is Where I Leave You/ Jonathan Tropper 4 stars 339 pages completed 2/21/16

B3 Way out of comfort zone: Attachments/ Rainbow Rowell 4.5 stars 323 pages completed 3/20/16 (the idea that someone at my job was reading my emails strikes fear in my heart because 99 percent of my emails are personal in some way)

B4 Self challenge: JumpStart Your Growth/ John Maxwell 5 stars 187 pages completed 2/14/16

B5 New-to-me author: Slapstick/ Kurt Vonnegut 5 stars completed 7/19/16

I1 Published in 2016: Get Smart/ Brian Tracy 5 stars 202 pages Completed 5/3/16 Published March 2016

I2 Book-club worthy:  After You/ JoJo Moyes Completed 2/24/16 352 pages 4 stars

I3 Family relationship word in title: Other People’s Children/ Joanna Trollope 4.5 stars 367 pages

I4 Memoir: Son Of Hamas/ Mosab Hassan Yousef 4 stars 283 pages Completed 5/20/16

I5 Would make a good movie: The Girl You Left Behind/ JoJo Moyes 5 stars 369 pages completed 2/26/16

N1 Book from series you love: The Rosie Effect/ Graeme Simsion 5 stars 341 pages completed 7/6/16

N2 Color word in title: The Little Red Book of Selling/ Jeffrey Gitomer Completed 4/29/16

N3 Book you bought: Beloved/ Toni Morrison completed 10/16

N4 First in a series: The Rosie Project/ Graeme Simsion 5 stars 295 pages completed 6/21/16 (Don Tillman #1)

N5 Library book: Days of Awe/ Lauren Fox completed 2/24/16 3 stars 256 pages

G1 Debut novel: A Scattered Life/ Karen McQuestion 4 stars 255 pages completed 3/2/16

G2 Authors surname starts with same letter as mine: Wellth/ Jason Wachob 4 stars 227 pages completed 3/18/16

G3 Setting begins with B: The Richest Man In Babylon/ George Clason 5 stars 194 pages completed 4/21/16

G4 You’d like to change the cover: Rich Dad Poor Dad/ Robert Kiyosaki 4.5 stars 243 pages Completed 6/16/16

G5 published in 2015: Intentional Living/ John Maxwell Published October 2015 5 stars 268 pages completed 2/13/16

O1 Thought-provoking book: The Smartest Kids In The World/ Amanda Ripley 306 pages 4.5 stars completed 2/5/16

O2 You didn’t want to put it down: One Plus One/ JoJo Moyes 4.5 stars 368 pages Completed 2/11/16

O3 Author outside my country (England): The Last Letter From Your Lover/ JoJo Moyes 4 stars 390 pages completed 2/18/16 – author is from England

O4 Dominant color on cover (red): Why Diets Fail/ Nicole Avena and John Talbott 230 pages 3/5 stars completed 3/21/16

O5 Been on TBR forever: The Number Devil/ Hans Magnus Enzensberger 4 stars 262 pages completed 4/6/16


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  1. Looks like a fun challenge! I’ve read a few of these and your lists reminds me of some that I’ve been meaning to get to!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Run Wright says:

      Oh that’s great. Which one on my list do you remember as your best read?


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