Top Ten Movies

Today, Broke and Bookish is featuring movies and I thought I would make a list of ten of my favorite all-time movies. Except, I know there are movies that are in my all-time memory bank that I haven’t watched in years and that I haven’t really wanted to watch, no matter how much I say I love them. So I decided to restrict this list to a few of the movies I’ve watched in the last say 5 years, movies that made me laugh or cry or just had a moment that stuck with me long after the closing credits.

  1. Amelie I first watched this in college as an assignment for a French class and ever since, every 6 months or so, I rematch it. I talk about this movie a lot.Amelie
  2. Shawshank Redemption I first watched this as an exchange with a friend. I don’t think we ever watched my choice because this became the top pick for both of us.
  3. Big Fish Paul introduced me to this movie last year and I loved it!
  4. The Jane Austen Book Club There is so much to love about this movie but particularly, I love Emily Blunt’s character – I want this to be her real life personality so bad.Jane Austen Book Club
  5. Into The Woods I watched this when I took some kids to the movies. I wasn’t excited about going to see a Disney movie but this one had everything I love in a movie – a little romance, some girl power, great comedy, strong women, irony, sarcasm, a great story line. And Emily Blunt is in this one too.
  6. The Lego Movie I came to this movie in the same way – I took some kids to see it and I laughed so hard, I couldn’t deny the brilliance of the film. The plot is a parody of low/semi-skilled workers and what life is like when we don’t think for ourselves but are looking for someone to rescue us. And the fact that the theme song, “Everything Is Awesome” is still playing in my head a couple years later is a testament to how much I enjoyed it.The Lego Movie
  7. Zero Dark Thirty was one of the most best movies I saw that dealt with the conflict overseas and the war on terror.
  8. Eye In The Sky was the next movie that presented the kind of impossible choice that the war on terror entails. If you haven’t watched it, I recommend it. It came out earlier this year so it’s on iTunes now. Eye In The Sky




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  1. Amberly says:

    Excited to look these up!

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  2. Paul G. says:

    I saw many of the movies on your top 10 list. I agree with your list. Great list!

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