Fitness Focus 11 18 16

This week was my best ever and I’m not the only one saying so. I accomplished a 7 day streak on my Nike Fuel app – I got to my goal of 2400 points/day for 7 days in a row (that happened on Tuesday). After that, I went one day where I went 150% of my goal and Thursday was a whopper day where I doubled it. I did it by walking, running or biking every day and it feels good although now I have a slight blister on my foot which means I’ll be focusing on biking until it heals.

Daily recap

Saturday – 1.75 mile run + walk 3 miles Total 9K steps

Sunday – 13.2 miles walk. Total 26K steps

Monday – 11.5 mile bike ride + 8 mile walk (16K steps) I rode along the Westside Highway to the Intrepid Museum at 45th Street

Tuesday – run 2 miles in the rain + walk 3 miles. Total 9K steps

Wednesday – run 3.1 miles. Ran/walked a total 16K steps

Thursday – run 1.5 miles but ran/walked a total of 13.6 miles. Total 27K steps. Woohoo. I walked all the way to Lincoln Center and got a picture of the waterfall at dusk.

Friday – walk 7 miles 14K steps

I’m really enjoying this fall weather and I’ve been to several of the parks around me looking at foliage. In a couple weeks, the trees will be bare and all that will be left are my memories and these pictures.

NYC West Side Highway
From the greenway along New York’s west side on Monday
Central Park boathouse on Wednesday
Marcus Garvey Park on Thursday
St. Nicholas park on Friday
St Nicholas Park, NYC
In a few weeks, all the trees will look like that one in the center. But for now, it’s gorgeous juxtaposed between the other trees and the striped sky

This week, I didn’t do much strength training but I’ve been trying to work my core with daily planks. I still can’t hold it for very long but I think I’m getting better. Next week, I’ll start timing it and see if I can work up to a minute.

How was your fitness this week?


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