Add Some Fairy Dust

By nature, we are visual people. We communicate with words but even then, it is to paint a picture so someone else can see what we see. Art is still our most effective medium and the ability to sketch an idea in a way so others can see your vision can make the difference for any presentation, whether for work or to win an argument.

Christopher Hart’s Doodletopia Fairies is one of a series of books designed to teach you how to draw, design and create your own super-magical and beautiful animated characters.  Doodletopia Fairies

I am not a professional animator, nor do I draw a lot of fairies but the book offers a lot of instruction on how to design and step-by-step instruction on drawing various kinds of characters in different poses – boy and girl fairies, good and bad fairies, fairies in flight, elegant ones, woodland ones, the hopeless romantic and many more. Each character is presented in two ways:

  • the finished look that you can use as a reference and
  • a template for the beginner to learn the basic shapes involved and put their own spin on the drawing to create a brand new animated figure.

    Sample Page – draw a gloomy fairy
  • fullsizerender-6
Sample page – draw an enchanted fairy

And if that weren’t enough, each character is also presented with laugh-out-loud advice and insightful tips so the process of learning to sketch the figures is a fun-filled learning experience.

If you’ve been thinking about practicing your art skills (and I think you should), a traceable book like this one might be a great place to start. Short of signing up for an expensive course, who better to teach you the art of doodling than the world’s bestselling author of drawing and cartooning books, Christopher Hart?

I got a free copy of Doodletopia Fairies from Blogging for Books in order to complete this review.


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