Bestseller Lists

The New York Times, that bastion of pride which every author ascribes to have recognize their work and every reader wants to have their own choices validated by, has published their 2016 bestseller lists.2016 NY Times Bestsellers

From the 20 bestselling fiction works of 2016, I’ve read a single book, The Girl on the Train, and I didn’t even read it in 2016.

From the Non Fiction hardcover list, I have read a grand total of zero. Like seriously, what have I been reading instead? Of the paperback NF bestsellers, I’ve read 2 of the titles, but back when they were first released, so not in 2016 either. I do have several of them on my TBR but certainly won’t get to them in the 3 weeks remaining in this year.

It’s a good thing that my reading satisfaction is not based on what everyone else is reading at the moment, otherwise I’d be a little sad right now. Instead, I have a bunch of recommendations to maybe check out in 2017, so I can see what they hype was about. But you know what, then I’ll be spending time reading them and not getting into the new books that are going to be making the 2017 lists. And the cycle continues.

What about you? How many of the 2016 bestsellers have you read? 

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  1. Did you know that the NY Times Bestseller lists are considered ‘editorial’ and therefore don’t actually have to reflect sales. It’s so odd!

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    1. Run Wright says:

      Haha. Sounds like a machine designed to drive sales though since I know people use the NY times bestseller seal as a criteria whether to buy a book.

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