The Other Einstein

The Other EinsteinWhat The Book Is About

In the late 1890’s, Albert Einstein was just a student meeting starting a college romance with the woman who would become his first wife. This future wife, Mileva is one of the few women in his college physics classes in a pre-World War Nazi-sympathizing European environment which means that Mileva must be extremely intelligent to have earned entry into college. The book is about this woman who has overcome physical and emotional challenges, religious discrimination and lack of women’s rights and who does not want to sacrifice all her accomplishments in order to start a relationship with Albert.  Yet, once they start their relationship, she gives up not just what she has already accomplished, but also cedes the rights to her discoveries and her place in history. This book offers a fictional investigation of that story and forces you as the reader to draw your own conclusion on whether Albert Einstein was truly the genius he’s known to be.

What I Enjoyed

I was very interested to read this fictional look at Mrs. Einstein’s life I loved the premise of the story and the backstory that made it possible for Mileva to attend the university where she was to meet Albert – in the time and place in which she lived, she could only go to college if she was deemed unsuitable for marriage. Having endured the childhood she did, I could see her parents overcompensating and her being as educated as she would’ve had to be to become a college student. It made sense then, that she could be even more naturally gifted than Albert was, and even that she came up with the ideas that he is credited for.

I enjoyed the writing style and will probably pick up the print version of this book for my library.

What I Didn’t Enjoy

What I didn’t enjoy was why we had to choose to believe that either one or the other of the Einsteins was the genius, and that Albert had to be diminished, somewhat, for Mileva to shine.

Would I Recommend?

Yes. I think The Other Einstein would be a great read for young women interested in Science careers, not just to show how talented women are, but also just to see how difficult it was for women scholars in previous centuries. As a historical fiction, I think this is quite a well-researched novel and good read.


  • Title: The Other Einstein
  • Author: Marie Benedict
  • Format: eArc (Since published in Hardcover)
  • Pages: 304
  • My Rating: 3.5/5 stars

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