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It’s 2017 which means it’s time for new goals and that means a new planner to track them in. This beautiful specimen came into my life a few days ago and I’m enjoying owning it. One of it’s many tabs is a section called Currently for which I thought I’d share my January responses with you.

Reading… Shylock Is My Name /Howard Jacobson 

Planning… or rather re-planning, all the goals I didn’t meet in 2016 and carrying them over into the new year. Anyone else do that?

Watching… You Tube videos, HIMYM reruns on Netflix and the Christmas movies I didn’t get to during the season. I’m always late for everything 🙂

Cooking… Nope. I haven’t cooked a meal for myself in weeks. First it was Thanksgiving with all its leftovers, then it was Christmas parties, then Christmas leftovers and now I’m just focused on trying to find healthy options on my favorite takeout menus. One of these days, I’ll turn on my stove again but not right now.

Eating… Salads. I’m trying to focus on salads but this weather just calls for comfort foods.

Drinking… I’ve taken to freeing my water bottles a little so I can crack the ice (I hope this isn’t a sign of a deficiency) And when I’m not drinking ice water, hot chocolate is the way to go. Talk about going from one extreme to another.

Making… videos for my YouTube channel including these two Top 10 recaps:

Fiction Top 10 Most Influential Fiction Reads of 2016

& Non FictionTop 10 Most Influential Non Fiction Reads of 2016

Crafting… I am working on a 2016 scrapbook. It’s going really slowly. I want to save all the things but there isn’t room for it all.

Going… to attend a seminar next weekend that I’m psyched about

Loving… or not loving the weather today. It’s a little colder than I’d like so wearing lots of layers is the only way to go outside. I haven’t been running or riding and that’s bumming me out a little but indoor exercises are keeping me sane. I’ll love it a little more when it warms up even just a  few degrees.

Dreaming… about what I’ll do with the $1378 I’m planning to save with this 52-week savings plan I’m starting. A pastor I listen to online said everyone should take an expensive trip at least once every year. Where can one even go with just $1378? I am not sure but I’ll spend this year figuring it out and dreaming about taking the trip.

Feeling… excited about all the goals I’m setting for 2017 and what I’m going to do to achieve them. Big things are coming!

Listening… to… not much. I deleted a lot of the music from my phone to make room for videos so there isn’t much to listen to anymore. I am loving one of the songs on this album by Emeli Sande though. It’s a track entitled Babe and I keep hearing it when I’m in Starbucks.

Celebrating… I met my goal of reading 100 books in 2016 and I’m celebrating by starting a book club to encourage all my friends and followers to read more in 2017 too. Click here to check out my launch video.

What are you currently doing? If you use a planner, which one did you choose for 2017?

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  1. Paul Goddard says:

    I love that you are so goal oriented and I’m sure you will accomplish all that you set out to do this year.
    I too I have big plans for 2017 and have also set goals from myself. I hope to be well accomplished at the end of 2017.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Run Wright says:

      All the best to you for accomplishing your goals in 2017 too, Paul. From your comment, I think you will like my next blog post 😉


  2. I like that book club idea!
    I just set my goal of 75 books on goodreads and that felt oddly final. Like, it was fine when it was just in my head 🙂
    Congrats on 100!
    And new planners make me so happy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Run Wright says:

      Yeah I am loving my new planner. What is your planner like? I see a lot of bloggers going for an Erin Condren one. Maybe this year, I’ll save up to get one.


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