DiverseAThon 2017

This week on BookTube, lots of bookworms will be trying to read books with diverse characters written by authors in “own voice” – character’s diversity mirrors their author’s life. If you haven’t heard about DiverseAThon and want to hear a little more about it, you might want to watch my video or any of the readathon host videos I link below.

In my video, I talk about the fact that I already read a lot of books by diverse authors and am proud to say that some of my favorite writers are African American females. However, there is more to diversity than race or gender. There are writers from lots of other minority categories  including but not limited to diverse ethnic background, religious groups and physical (dis)abilities.

Since  I wanted to read from the stack of books I already have, a lot of the novels I mention in my video have African American or Caribbean focus although I do also include other kinds of diversity. My challenge options are:

  • Japanese writer Ruth Ozeki about the effect of the Tsunami in the early 2000s
  • Afghani Muslim writer Khaled Hosseini – A Thousand Splendid Suns
  • Ishmael Beah’s fictional account that deals with the civil war in Sierra Leone.
  • Unburnable / Marie-Elena John
  • Sula / Toni Morrison

As the week of DiverseAThon begins, if you’re interested in signing up, check out one of these host links:

DiverseAThon takes place from Sunday, Jan 22 to Sunday, Jan 29 and whether you sign up for the readathon or not, I encourage you to consider reading something you might not normally consider this week. If at all possible, please buy a book and support an author with a diverse background, contact an indie writer and ask how you can support their art or post a review of a diverse book that you enjoyed, etc.

It’s always a good time to support diversity in our world.

What’s the last book you read by a diverse author?

Can you recommend a book with a disabled character written by an author dealing with the same disability?












What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts as well.

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