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As March has made it’s way to me, it’s found me currently….

Reading – All the books all the time. I checked off 9 more titles in February and you can click below to watch my video where I talk about the books I’m reading in March.

Also reading – these new-to-me blogs

Writing – A speech I have to deliver at some point during March. Some short stories for a collection I want to release later this year. Essays to chronicle my feelings about things I don’t get to talk about in my normal everyday conversations.

Planning – to attend the New York Antiquarian book fair in a week

Mulling over – an invitation to participate in a Spartan race in June. Can I? Should I?

Images from the London Spartan Sprint at Pippingford Park, West Sussex.Sunday 25th August 2013
Source: Spartan 

Watching – YouTube videos about being more productive (sounds a little counterintuitive, right?)

Pinning – Workout stuff mostly, but also motivational stuff about self care and writing ideas.

Literary magazine

10 reasons to workout
Source: Pinterest

Crafting – I haven’t physically made anything lately. Sad face. That might be why I’m feeling a little out of sorts.

Going – to the gym at least 5 times a week and…

Loving – it. The feel of sweat pouring down my face, even on cold, wintry days, is a simple pleasure.

Dreaming – of the day my next book arrives from the printery. It should be any day now. I can hardly wait to see another book with my name in the author line.

Regretting – That I didn’t write more in February – my blog has suffered but more than just that, I’ve been feeling like I’ve wasted the time. Also regretting the fact that I didn’t find a way to run through the winter months. It’s hard getting back into it after so much time away.

Feeling – Sore from the amped up gym exercises in the past few days but excited to get fit again.

Listening – To the sound of the traffic out my window as I read. Seriously, at all hours of the night, it seems, people are always going somewhere.

Celebrating – World Book Day a few days ago. Women’s month. My brother’s birthday in a week. Lots to smile about in March.

Buying: Books. In the last week alone, I have added about 10 books to my library. Full list of those books coming soon. I can’t even remember all the titles. I got some cheap, used books from the thrift store and I used the Barnes & Noble gift card I got for Christmas to get some cool hardcovers that I’ve been wanting for a while.

What’s your current status?  Answer any or all of the prompts in the comments below and let’s chat. 


What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts as well.

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