Why I Blog

Seth Godin has one of the most popular blogs on the internet and he posts everyday. Here’s why he does it and it’s the same reason why I do it, if I could’ve articulated it just so.

Even if no one read it, I would blog everyday. I think everyone should do so and here’s the reason.  If you know you had to say something about something you noticed, or something that might help someone else, about an opinion you have that might stand the test of time, you will form those opinions, you will notice those things, you will invent that idea and if day after day, week after week, you leave this trail behind of thoughtful examination of your world, you can’t help but get better at whatever it is you seek to do. And if as a byproduct, other people read it and trust you more, that’s the jackpot, right?

My goal is not to have more readers. My goal is not to sell more books. My goal is to be trusted in a way that I can make the change I seek to have happen in the world.

Click to listen to him say it himself in an interview with Marie Forleone. 

If you’re a blogger, why do you do it? 

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Omg. Thanks for this!

    As you know, I have been MIA on the blogosphere for a few months now. I have been really contemplating my ‘why?’

    I am hoping the answer will take me back to the blog.

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    1. Run Wright says:

      Yes! I have missed your awesome fitness posts and the updates on your athletic superstar kids. I hope all is well.

      Liked by 1 person

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