How To Write A To-Do List

At the start of every day, as we plan our schedule and visualize the experiences we want to have that day, how many of us take the time to strategize what we want? Or do we simply wait to see what will happen so we can react to it? John Maxwell recommends that we ask ourselves 3 questions as we plan the kind of day we want to have and how we will respond to what happens.

  1. What are today’s potential learning moments?
  2. Who will I meet and what can I ask them?
  3. What will I experience and what can I learn from it? 

Then at the end of the day, during your reflection, ask yourself:

  1. What happened today and what did it mean?
  2. What can I learn from what I read today?
  3. What can I learn from what I saw today?
  4. What can I learn from what I heard today?
  5. What can I learn from what I experienced today?

It is said that a mistake is not a failure but rather it’s feedback. Mistakes often precede discoveries, but only if we analyze and learn from the missteps and improve.

Last year, I adopted a plan where I create my To-Do list the night before. On the list, I would write all the things I want to accomplish the next day but also some of the experiences I want to have. it’s probably how I was able to accomplish some of the awesome goals I met in 2016 (click to read more)

But in January, I fell off. I took a day off and then a week off and before  I knew it, it was February and only a few pages of my daily trackers had been filled in. Even now in the middle of March, I am still struggling to get back to a routine that had become a daily habit last year. I don’t know what you do to stay organized and stay on top of things – how do you make sure your days are intentionally being filled with the things you want to do? But if I don’t make lists, things get random and they get randomly disorganized. Thank God for pen and paper to make lists and the willpower to follow the schedule once I’ve written it down.

How do you make your days intentional?

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  1. Vernon says:

    I like this a lot.
    Because life is about what can you learn from today.
    These questions will help us stay focus on personal growth and awareness.

    Liked by 1 person

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