Have you clicked these links?

It means a lot to me that you are, right now, reading my blog, and indicating that you enjoy what I post here. Every now and then, I like to share with you some of the things that inspire, entertain and humor me too. Here are a few of the sites that I’ve been visiting often in recent weeks and why:

  • Cup of Jo is an NYC-based blog I found years ago. Jo is a writer and former contributor to Cosmo magazine and she writes about style, design, family and travel.
  • HollAndLane magazine was started by a few bloggers a short while ago (one I collaborated with long before she became a big star). It began as an online mag but now they create a beautiful print issue and the content is spot on.
  • Greatist curates lots of great content about food, fitness, body and life.
  • I just started following Seth Godin’s blog. He shares thought provoking content daily.
  • Career Girl Daily shares tips that women will find useful and entertaining.

What other blogs do you visit often? 

Source: Greatist.com


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7 Comments Add yours

  1. Love learning new places to go for inspiration and reading. Thank you for this list!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Run Wright says:

      And thanks for reading.


  2. I love Greatist. Found some wonderful recipes, health tips and workouts there.


  3. I have now clicked all the links! Except Cup of Joe, which doesn’t seem to be working? (Could just be me…)

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    1. Run Wright says:

      Hey Becky. Thanks for letting me know. The site is http://cupofjo.com I’ll check the link in my post again.

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  4. Ellen says:

    I adore Greatist! I get so lost in that site sometimes, just clicking around 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Run Wright says:

      Isn’t it the greatest? 🙂
      Thanks for your comment, Ellen.


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