Nikon or Canon

I’ve been blogging now for over 4 years and I think it is time I finally upgraded my equipment and got a proper, professional camera. What do you think -are you ready for some professional grade photographs on this site? I would say I’ve done pretty well with the shots I’ve been able to capture with my trusty iPhone 6Plus but I’m ready for the next level of digital imagery.

I would love to come on here and share a list of the pros and cons of owing either of the two popular brands – Nikon and Canon.  A few years ago, I did do some research and had chosen the camera I wanted to buy. But alas I didn’t spring for the purchase then and technology waits for no man (or blogger) so the results of my years-old research is probably as obsolete now as floppy disks are in 2017.

Moving forward though, I think my best resource is you – most of you, dear readers probably have already made the leap into DSLR ownership and have a wealth of information and opinions to share. So in preparing to take that leap myself, I humbly ask for your advice on what camera I should buy. My two criteria are

  1.  that the camera takes great still photos as well as clear videos since I have also recently made my foray into YouTube “stardom”
  2. I’m not trying to go into debt to buy a camera so price is also factor

If you’re a DSLR camera owner, what brand/model is it? Would you recommend it? Why or Why not?


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  1. Not a photographer but will ask a reward friends.

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  2. From my brother:Canon 60D, yes, relatively easy interface, expandable, good all around camera

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    1. Run Wright says:

      Thanks so much for getting the recommendation.

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