Sum Up W 14

Last week’s highlights and picture of the day:

Sunday: Underwater surprise
Monday: Gym Day 1
Tuesday: filing away some of the 18 books I read in March
Wednesday: Reading and Cardio
Thursday: Last night’s red carpet
Friday: How Many Women Can You Name? (Seen in a bookstore)
Saturday: The day the sun came out

Last week, my goals included:

  • Read everyday – I started several books but finished none last week.
  • write creatively everyday – I did. I finished nothing but I wrote a lot of paragraphs
  • gym 5 times – I went to the gym 3 times and walked around the city on my off days
  • spend 30 minutes each day learning a skill – More like 20 minutes but yes, everyday
  • save – it’s getting harder to keep my 52 week savings plan. The weekly deposits increase by $1 each week so I’m at the point where I was supposed to save $14 last week. It was a struggle but I did set it aside. Hopefully, it’s not so hard to part with $15 next week.
  • blog everyday – I missed 2 days. Click to read posts from MonTueWedThu and Fri
  • post 5 YouTube videos – I posted 3 and the most popular was about recently acquired books

My goals for this upcoming week are pretty much the same as last week:

  • read 2 books for Tome Topple Readathon (the challenge is to read books with 500+ pages)
  • blog everyday
  • post 5 YouTube videos
  • write creatively everyday
  • gym 5 times
  • spend 30 minutes each day learning/practicing a skill
  • save

What’s on your schedule this week? And what are you most looking forward to?

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Looks like a great week through pictures!!

    Love that black dress! Cuuuttee!!!

    Way to meet your goals! Good luck this week!

    My goals for the week: complete my scheduled workouts, blog at least 2 times, journal each day… far so good 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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