When I’ve been away from writing for a while, I usually start with poetry. I write my feelings down in staccato, and just free myself to list my emotions without connecting them. Here’s what I am thinking today, in verse.

Tears pool under your chin

Pinpricks piercing the skin

That covers my heart

Matching fountains spring inside me

Locked doors unhinged beside me

Gathered feelings, I scoop them up to sort.

Eager fingers deftly clutching

Dreams splintered, reconstructing

Tiny worlds lanced with the pointed sword of time.

Stabbing balls, mid-reflection

Your image, my vision

Your pain, now mine.


It’s Day 8 of my virtual running partnership with Tarnished Soul. Our overall objective is to get back to regular outdoor running in a bid to improve health and fitness. Each day, I will post the planned workout and update it when we’ve completed the workout. If you’d like to join us, feel free to comment below and let me know to add you to the daily tracker.

Today’s goal is to run / run-walk for a little longer and a little faster than yesterday’s workout. Any improvement in distance and pace will be considered as mission accomplished so it means I am chasing a 2 mile run today. I haven’t done that in a while. Come back later for the update.

Runwright Update: I did it. I clocked 2 miles – my first 2 mile run of the season. Parts of the run were slow, parts were a little faster, the temperature was a little higher than I like to run in but the bottom line is that I did it. 

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