What Moses Said

We’re at the cusp of an amazing week. Monday morning. The days ahead have all kind of promise, all kind of potential. How will you tap your potential this week?

Yesterday, I had a chat with a good friend about how we use our time and about how Moses prayed, teach us to number our days so we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. I take that to mean that we should create an attitude of using our time wisely, instead of wasting it. Memento mori, as they say in Greek.

Last week, I set the following goals:

  • Read the Bible everyday – check
  • Read 2 books from my TBR – I started 4 but only finished this one
  • blog everyday – I’m on a weekday schedule, it seems but yes, I did that
  • make 3 creative YouTube videos – I only uploaded one. See it here
  • make 20 new online friends – I made a few new friends, not quite 20 though
  • support someone else’s goals – I did
  • write creatively everyday – check
  • submit project to beta readers – fail
  • spend 30 minutes each day learning/practicing a skill – check
  • save – check
  • pay off a bill – fail
  • sponsor a mother-and-son date – postponed again
  • organize youth group outreach project – postponed again
  • run outdoors every day – check

Taking stock of where I am and what I need to focus on, I am prioritizing and reducing the number of goals I set for myself this week.

  • Read the Bible everyday
  • Read 2 books from my TBR
  • blog everyday
  • make 2 YouTube videos
  • support someone else’s goals
  • write creatively everyday
  • save
  • organize youth group event
  • run outdoors every day
  • add strength exercises 3 days this week

Daily Workout Challenge

The daily workout challenge continues. Two weeks ago today, I started a daily run-walk challenge with my virtual running-buddy. Weekend schedules are a little less predictable so our challenge is only for weekdays. This is week 3, probably the most important week. It’s the week where habits start being formed so consistency is important. Run/Walk 11 – 15 will happen this week so the goal is to stay consistent and do it every day. Come back later for our updates and let me know in the comments if you’d like to join the challenge so I can add you to the daily tracker.

Runwright Update: Run 11 happened already. It was raining this morning so I only managed to run 1.3 miles in the cold rain but it was a fun run because I could feel the inertia from the weekend break slipping off me and my body getting back into form.  Oh, and my pace is improving. 


What goals are you working on this week? What are you doing different to ensure you meet them?

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Great job on your new workout goal!
    I’ve been trying to read more too, even the scriptures!
    Right now I’m in some final training prep for a big Grand Canyon R2R2R trip, so a lot of my focus in my free time is there.
    But I just started my summer thesis project, and it’s a lot of work and oddly enough I just typed up all my goals and submission details for it and submitted it to the professors a few minutes ago, so I’ll be getting on that right after I quit blogging today, LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Run Wright says:

      Thanks for the comment, Kristy. Great to hear you’re able to read more and reading the Bible is always great. I get so much life lessons from reading the Bible.
      All the best with your summer thesis project and the R2R2R ?I don’t know what that is yet but I am sure when I visit your blog, I will 🙂


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