4 Seasons of Living

It is a certainty that as the world turns, the seasons change but how do we change to take advantage of them? Do we sit around in one season and pine for the other, more favorable period to roll around? Or do we harness the advantages that are available to us in this one?

  • Winter is the season to prepare – to dream of the harvest and make a vision board to plan for it, to set goals and come up with the strategies to accomplish them, to take the classes, to read the books, to buy the tools to do the work.
  • Spring isn’t just planting season in the farm world. Spring days are longer to take advantage of the daylight to work – to stop daydreaming and put the plans into motion. It’s the time to start executing the plans, to try out the methods you studied during the winter and get some seed into the ground.
  • Summer‘s heat make us sweat but it is also the season where spring’s seeds have become young plants and need heat to grow. You can’t see the benefit of all the work you do just as you can’t see how plants use sunshine to make food but you can see what happens if you stop working.
  • Autumn is the period for harvest but it is only joyous if you have worked hard enough and long enough to have something to reap. This is the season where you reap the rewards of your labor, whatever those were. Those who failed to plan in winter, failed to execute in the spring and failed to nurture in the summer, will have nothing good to reap in autumn.

Which season are you in? It doesn’t matter if you live in the Northern Hemisphere or Southern, if you live on a farm or in the center of Manhattan. Maybe you didn’t start working on your goals as early as others did but wherever you are today, you can take advantage of the opportunity to do something to move forward. If you put in the work, in time, the harvest will come.

Inspired by information in John Maxwell’s What Successful People Know about Leadership

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  1. jrusoloward says:

    Great thoughts. I like to be in all of the seasons simultaneously. While working, I should be planning, and reaping the fruits of my labors. Of course this is easier said than done. 😀

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    1. Run Wright says:

      haha yes. The seasons are different for all the parts of your life but you taking some time to plan before you start working can help you work smarter.


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