Week End

I came across this temporary mini art installation in my neighborhood on Friday. Of the 9 pieces on display, this one is my favorite, although I can’t explain why. Maybe because it is utilizes waste material, maybe because it looks like something a collector (read, hoarder) would construct from a junk drawer that she claims consists of memories too precious to let go. I’m not sure why this piece speaks to me but it does.

As I saw it
A closer look –  partial image from the website

Called Art in Flux, the art installation was put up at the gate of a construction site, probably to distract passers-by from what’s going on behind the crudely erected fence. It was only meant to be on display until May 31st but on Friday, June 2nd, it’s still there. This weekend, perhaps, someone will come in and remove the pieces from the wall and prepare them for the auction. But meanwhile, here it hangs, on a street I used to walk down pretty often but haven’t ventured on for a couple months – probably the exact amount of time the display has been up. But after I’d taken my pictures and gawked at the exhibit for a while, I couldn’t help thinking how I almost missed seeing it.

Points to ponder…

  • What changes have you made in your life that you might need to reconsider whether they are good or bad?
  • Are you as perceptive as you need to be about the things going on around you?
  • Is there something you can learn by doing something you used to do before?

Also reminds me I don’t go to museums nearly enough. Remember when I visited the Studio Museum in Harlem and MOMA and also when I talked about one of my most memorable museum visits here (which the project above actually reminds me of).

In other news….

We’ve come to the end of week 4 of the daily workout challenge that I started with my virtual running-buddy. All this past week, my runs have been pretty short so the goal for Friday was to crack a 2 mile run /run-walk. It happened.

Runwright Update: I ran 1 mile non-stop at a pretty decent pace, I took a breather in the park and then another mile+ back home. 

Now it’s time for the weekend and with the sabbath comes a little to reboot, rejuvenate, repair and get ready for a better, stronger week ahead. Next week is when I plan to incorporate weight training to start working on my overall fitness. Leave a comment below if you’d like to join the challenge so I can add you to the daily tracker.

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  1. That is a cool piece of art indeed. I like the lips. I do not go to museums much anymore but I really should as we have so many around me that I don’t take advantage of. Great that your running is coming along so well

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    1. Run Wright says:

      The face is made of broken mirrors which I think is so meaningful in so many ways. I really enjoy museums – even when they are on the street 😀
      Thanks for the running encouragement. I need it!


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