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Today, I attempted to run 3.1 miles – my first 5K of the season (more on that later). My route took me to the park where there was a group of children – age ranging between 8 and 13 years old probably. They had congregated in a little area close to the entrance of the park and were playing around, running and jumping and getting sweaty while they waited for it to be time to go to school. I recognized their uniform from one of those high-performing schools in the area that open late but also end really late.

Anyway, I ran around their little group and got onto the running route that circles the interior of the little park to continue my workout. When I completed the circle and ran past them on my way out, the kids were still there jumping and shouting. Nothing had changed for them. I’d run and accomplished some mileage, while they had stayed in place.

Are there areas in our lives where we are one group or the other – the group that is busy moving ahead or the group that stays busy but never moves. Both groups stay busy and both get tired in the process. Only one group moves forward. Sweat is not the measure of progress. 

Today is day 23 of the daily workout challenge that I started with my virtual running-buddy. We started with just focusing on getting outside everyday for some exercise, but now that we are in month 2, the daily targets are a little more strenuous. This week, the goal is to average 2 miles everyday with at least one long run of 3 miles. Today was that day. Since it’s #GlobalRunningDay, my goal was to run 3.1 miles to participate in this challenge on Runkeeper, the app I use to record my daily runs. 

My Update: It happened as well as it didn’t happen. Huh? Let me explain. 

Today, I ran in shorts with pockets so I wouldn’t have to hold my phone while I focused on pounding out the miles. After 2.1 miles,  I stopped for water so I paused the app and put my phone back in my pocket to drink from the fountain. Unfortunately, I stopped the app in the process and when I went to resume the run, it had stopped recording and I had to record the last mile as a separate workout. So yes, I technically ran the 3.1 miles but the app doesn’t recognize it as a qualifying entry. Leave me a comment below if you’d like to join the challenge so I can add you to the daily tracker.

What about you – are you running today? What other plans do you have to celebrate Global Running Day?

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  1. Global Running Day was celebrated here, too 😉 That would be frustrating ti have all the miles done, but not have them count LOL

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    1. Run Wright says:

      I’m going to try it again tomorrow morning, Kimberly. I will not be deterred. I will reach this goal 😀


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