The day the excuses didn’t matter

The struggle was definitely real this morning – high temperatures, waking up groggy from not enough sleep and a tightness in the back of my right leg from maybe overdoing yesterday’s attempt at the Shaun T workout. I had a few good reasons for skipping the run this morning but when I started the daily workout challenge a few weeks ago, with my virtual running-buddy, I knew there would be hard days and that if I could just get out and start running, that I would win those days too.

Today’s goal: run/run-walk 2 miles. At least, that was the goal I set at the beginning of the week. I adjusted that today and said if I can get in a solid mile, I can make it up tomorrow when the temperatures cool down a bit. I eventually ran 1.5 miles today which I’m actually really happy about.

Tomorrow’s goal is going to be to complete a 5K (3.1 miles) and when I complete that, it will push my average back to around 2 miles a day.

If you’re interested in joining the daily workout challenge, comment below so I can add you to the tracker. Also let me know if you’re doing any workout challenges this summer. 

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Ipuna Black says:

    Good for you! I ran today! 🙌​ We have to do our best. You did!


  2. C. P. says:

    Nice run and pace… That’s goals. My june challenges is running more miles.


  3. tarnishedsoul says:

    So, I have been attending kickboxing classes and I’m up to walking 2 miles per day.
    It’s feeling better.


  4. I’m back in the running game and I thought of you this morning as I was sweating out a walk/run through our neighborhood! Tomorrow will be better!


  5. Susan says:

    Shaun week is pretty awesome. That workout could definitely be enough of a workout for a day. I’m working at getting my walk/runs in too!


  6. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    Daily challenges are tough but eventually it starts to become routine even on those hot days! Great job getting it done!

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