Write Me A Love Song

A few days ago, I attended an event and had a chance to spend a little time with someone I’d only met once before. For me, the event was pretty normal but yesterday, I heard that this casual acquaintance made some truly nice remarks about me afterwards. She talked about the things she admired about me, qualities I had no idea had shone through in our brief encounter. If you’d asked me, I would have said the event was just okay, that nothing special happened. But here was someone who had come away impressed.

I don’t say this to toot my own horn. Trust me, if I ever want to do that, I’ll hire a marching band and start a parade. But it did remind me of this post I wrote about recognizing and highlighting your own good qualities. If I do say so myself, it makes a interesting read because it focuses on then presidential candidate, Donald Trump, and some of the lessons we can learn from him. (Click to read) 

Then just to confirm that this is a timely topic, this morning I was reading How to Be a Bawse by YouTube star Lilly Singh a.k.a. Superwoman.

One of her chapters focuses on how to fall in love with yourself. The Bible gives us the characteristics of love  when it says that love is:

  • patient
  • kind
  • not jealous
  • long-suffering, etc.

Lilly Singh’s definition is a little more wordy. She says,

Loving yourself means you care about yourself and want to make yourself proud. Loving yourself means consoling yourself and encouraging yourself when you face failure, which you inevitably will. And most importantly that you advocate for yourself, ensuring you are treated the way a Bawse should be treated. 

Can you honestly say you are those things to yourself? Or do you get tired just trying to portray these qualities to others? Do you spend enough time advocating for yourself or do you forget because you’re advocating for others. Truly loving others means you should first love yourself to see how to do it. Singh suggests that you start by writing yourself a love song and to do this, you have to list 5 things you admire about yourself, not including physical features. What are some qualities you have that you admire in others. If this activity is hard for you, maybe it’s because you needed to do it more than you thought you did. Just keep trying. 

Here are the things I admire about myself:

  1. I am intelligent. It took lots of people pointing it out for me to finally start believing it and when I started believing it, things started happening for me that wouldn’t have if I just kept self-sabotaging. But yeah, I am pretty smart and I like that about myself now.
  2. I am self aware. I’m usually able to figure out my faults and work to correct them. Yes, I still have faults but also yes, I am still working to correct them. That’s a lifelong project but the thing that I admire about myself is that I often don’t need someone to point it out because I’m probably already tuned in to what needs to change, even if I haven’t completely changed it yet e.x. I procrastinate like nobody’s business but I know I do that and I set myself goals to try to overcome it. I have poor self control when it comes to delayed gratification – which means my diet and my credit suffer greatly – but I have identified these tendencies and have put things in place to get better. I don’t actually need anyone to tell me about these failings because I’m already aware of them (although if you point them out, I won’t be mad at you)
  3. I have great memory. I remember details of things that I sometimes wish I could forget, but it will all get recorded in the books someday so it’s okay. Until then, I am like an elephant with my annoying ability to retain facts.
  4. I have good etiquette. Maybe this stands out because I am surrounded by a lot of people who act like they would rather be in the backwoods somewhere. They throw trash where they use it with no regard for garbage can locations, they spit on the streets like they have some insane desire to leave little bits of themselves wherever they’ve been, like Hansel and Gretel leaving crumbs to find their way back home. It’s annoying but it highlights that I am not like that and that my social graces are actually as impeccable as when my mother taught me how to behave in polite society. I think she’ll be proud to know I still chew with my mouth closed and that even though I pick my nose, I never do it in public. Haha.
  5. I am ambitious. I don’t always follow through with my ambitions but I have a strong desire to set goals and reach them. Cue the challenges I constantly set for myself (see below).

Those are the things I can think of right away. Give me a moment and I might actually write myself that love song too. Now, what about you? If you care to share, please comment below. I would enjoy reading some of the things you love about yourself too.

As it relates to the challenge, you know I am currently in week 7 of a daily running challenge that I started with my virtual running-buddy. Today was run 34 and my goal was to run a 5K since I had some mileage to make up for with my abbreviated run yesterday. I am pleased to report that I accomplished it.

It took all my morning energy but then left me feeling better than I did when I started so that feels like a win. Lots of self love over here today.

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