Finish Strong

Finish Strong. That’s something I used to hear when I ran with the NYRR. I’d be close to the finish line, panting with what felt like my last breath, and an eager spectator or volunteer would shout out what they thought was encouragement but for me, sometimes felt like just an annoyance… Finish Strong… meaning, this is not the time to slow down, it’s the time to sprint to the finish line, to dig into whatever reserve energy is burrowed down deep inside and leave it all on the road so you can get the best possible finish time you can at this point. No you can’t outrun time and undo what’s happened over the course of the race but here’ your chance to sprint, give it all you can and race to the finish. 

Finish Strong. That’s the mantra I am trying to apply as I move forward into this week. There are just a few days left in this month and indeed in the first half of 2017. Earlier this year, I set some goals for myself and you probably did too. Now is not the time to jiggle along and nurse the injuries we suffered along the course, now is the time to buck up and focus on what we can still do before the race is over, now is the time to sprint to the finish line. Finish strong! 

LASt Week’s Goals
  • Read the Bible everyday – I did
  • Read 3 books for the BookSwapAThon readathon – I completed 2 plus read a half of one
  • Blog everyday – I posted every weekday 
  • Create 2 YouTube videos – I made two but only uploaded one so far
  • Support someone else’s goals – I did
  • Write creatively everyday – I did. I even made a little file on my computer for my dailies 
  • Save – I did set some $$ aside; it was less than I’d like but it’s the habit that counts, right?
  • Run outdoors every day – I did. I met my weekly mileage goal. Click here to read my recap
  • Strength train 3 times this week – I started light but still better than nothing, right?

This week, these are my goals to make sure I accomplish what I wanted in June 2017:

  • Read the Bible everyday
  • Read 3 other books (I still have a massive TBR to complete but I need to read at least 3)
  • Update my reading journal
  • Blog everyday
  • Create/ upload 4 YouTube videos (June haul, June recap, July TBR, BookClub plans)
  • Make some new friends on social media
  • Support someone else’s goals
  • Write creatively everyday
  • Submit stories for online publication
  • Save
  • Run outdoors every day
  • Strength train 3 times this week
  • Prepare for the weekend camp meeting
  • Declutter (I got some wardrobe updates recently so I have  a lot of clothes to donate)

And of course, the daily workout challenge continues. A few weeks ago, I started a daily run-walk challenge with my virtual running-buddy. Weekend schedules are a little less predictable so our challenge is only for weekdays. Today is the beginning of week 8 of the challenge and my goal is to run 13 cumulative miles by Friday by logging these numbers daily:

  • Monday: 2.25 miles 
  • Tuesday: 3 miles
  • Wednesday 2.25 miles
  • Thursday: 3.25 miles
  • Friday: 2.25 miles

What’s on your To-Do list this week as you work to Finish Strong for the first half of the year? 

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  1. Krystal says:

    They say that at the end of every 5k I run. I love it! Rock your goals this week girlie 🙂

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