Summer Running

I’m in week 8 of the daily workout challenge that I started with my virtual running-buddy and getting a little bored with my daily running routine. Every morning, I lace up my sneaks and without spending time to warm up, I start running as soon as possible. Usually, I am hurrying because I’m trying to beat the sun coming up – I like it to be as cool as possible when I run. 

There are definite benefits to getting my run in early in the morning. It takes the guesswork out of it and helps keep me focused on accomplishing the goal but it also means that I run pretty much the same route every day. Even on my longer runs which take me into beautiful, scenic Central Park, I usually just go into the park, do the loop around the boathouse and circle back home. After completing 37 runs now, I need a change of scenery. I need to get out my neighborhood and I know it only takes a little bit of planning. So far, I’ve mostly been running only in the mornings, which means that I have little or no time to go elsewhere. To travel for a run means I probably have to change my runs to afternoons, after my (usually long days) end. But it is summer, and the long days definitely make this possible so I am game for mixing things up a bit now that my daily running habit feels a little established and stable.

Below are ten nearby routes I scoped out and plan to do before the summer is over.

  • Van Cortlandt Park – the park has great hiking trails that are good for running too
  • Macomb’s Dam Park – there is an outdoor gym and Olympic-sized running track here that I’ve visited several times before but not recently. It’s close to the old Yankee Stadium and it’s perfect for running and getting some strength training afterwards. 
  • Brooklyn Bridge – I’ve driven over the bridge, rode my bike over it, walked across it but never run across it. Time to cross that one off my list too. 
  • Prospect Park – I used to go to the park for Summerstage events all the time. Maybe this year, I can complete a run in time to take in an outdoor concert too
  • The track at Randall’s Island – last year, we had our church olympics there and I’ve been planning to go back to run ever since then.
  • East River Park – I’ve always run down the west side of Manhattan so it will be a treat to try the east side
  • West Side Greenway – which reminds me I haven’t run down here since I started my daily runs. It’s time
  • Central Park Loop – I haven’t run 6 miles yet this year but in the next few weeks, I would love to be able to complete the full loop
  • Flushing Meadows/Corona Park – This route starts at the zoo and goes past the Hall of Science and into some of my favorite parts of the borough. Plus, the area has great food to indulge in when the run is over. Yum!
Staten Island
  • Anyplace – my first (and only, so far) half marathon was in this borough and running here reminds me of one of the physically, most challenging things I’ve done to date. When I was camping in Staten Island a couple years ago, I saw a runner I follow in Instagram and I’ve been wanting to run that route ever since. 

Adding even one of these varied routes each week will definitely mix things up for the upcoming months. I’ll let you know when I complete the routes and share my experience with you.

What are you looking forward to doing differently this summer?

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12 Comments Add yours

  1. C. P. says:

    This summer I want to explore more. Like running differents parks/trails and Add more miles in the runs!


  2. Kay says:

    Ive totally sucked on reading a lot these last few weeks. Looking forward to relaxing with a book soon.


  3. Congrats on all of that consistent running! Great job!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Run Wright says:

      Thanks, Kimberly.


  4. Rachel says:

    Looks like some awesome routes in your future! As much as I would love to run in a fun place like NYC, I’m good with my quiet semi-rural roads. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Run Wright says:

      Thanks for the comment, Rachel. Quiet is good too. I grew up in a rural community and sometimes I miss it.


  5. Great job with your running. I would love to run across The Brooklyn Bridge.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Run Wright says:

      Thanks, T.
      Let me know when you’re coming this side so we can run it together 🙂


  6. Hannah says:

    I have a long list of local trails I haven’t been on yet. Planning to run or hike at least 20 of them this year!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Good luck with the new routes! I don’t warm up either, well I start off running slower for the first few miles but that’s called my warm up, LOL I get injured if I do the stretching thing so I save all that for after!
    I love mixing things up with new routes! I rarely do the same route twice a week. I don’t like to be predictable since I run alone, plus my sense of adventure always has me doing new things or going new directions LOL
    Happy running my friend!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Run Wright says:

      Oh you raise a great point that running on a predictable route can be a safety issue too. I never got into pre-run stretching either.
      Thanks for the comment and happy trails this weekend too!


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