Black Tie Affair

A few weeks ago, a friend I made through Booktube introduced me to his poetry by sending me his most recent collection for free. I finally read it and wanted to share my thoughts with you.

In this collection, Estrada records life as it is lived sometimes amid fear and bravado, through the distorted lens of amusement and hope, but always with expectation and brutal honesty
As a fan of J.D. Estrada’s online personality, I was happy to have a collection of his words to hold and peruse at my pleasure and I am only sorry I didn’t read this sooner.
My favorite poem is The Door and a line that reads, Until you crack the shell, you can’t see the seed…
I enjoyed the alphabetized Alliteration to Zenith, the look at immigration in Old job new country and the summary in Rye for dinner, You don’t need to die to drown.

I recommend this poetry collection, with the caveat that Estrada does include some adult language so all poems are not for all audiences.

Click here to purchase the Kindle version of Black Tie Affair. It only costs $2.99 but you’d be making someone feel like a million dollars.

Click here to splurge on a paperback copy of Black Tie Affair. It costs $6.00


You can also visit J D’s Booktube channel here. That’s where I first started following his work.

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  1. Nice to see JD Estrada on your blog – I did his indie author profile on mine!

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    1. Run Wright says:

      Oh yeah! Another JD fan 😀

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  2. Kay says:

    Will check it out for sure!

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