The Only Reason To Advertise

Did you ever wonder why established companies like McDonald’s spend money on advertising? Its not like McDonald’s needs to introduce their company to us. I don’t think there’s a person over the age of three in North America who’s never heard the jingle, or can’t identify Ronald McDonald in a lineup or doesn’t know what the golden arches up ahead on the interstate highway means. Even if it’s just to use the bathroom or the free wi-fi (I hear they have free wi-fi now), we all go to McDonalds every now and then. But leave your radio on for an hour or so and you’re bound to hear one of their catchy ads. Watch one of the many cable channels targeted at kids and there’s a McDonald’s ad during each show. Kids already beg their parents to buy them Happy Meals. They don’t need to be reminded that there’s a toy with each purchase, do they? They already know that. So why spend money to promote a product to people who already know about you? Why invite the customer when he’s already in the door?

Les Brown says you should follow the McDonalds’ model. Advertise. Do it for yourself. Keep reminding yourself why your dreams are important. Keep telling everyone why your message is important. It doesn’t mean that you knock them over the head with a brick but whenever you get an opportunity to advertise your skill, seize it. You want to be a writer. Don’t miss an opportunity to showcase your writing talent. Write unforgettable emails to people you communicate with. Write messages in the group greeting card that make people say, wow, she must be a writer. Design an unforgettable business card and keep a supply handy at all times so you never miss an opportunity to advertise your brand. Volunteer to copywrite the announcements for your local civic group.  Let everyone know you’re a writer. Start a blog. Write a song. Write and sing your own praises, especially if you have a catchy jingle that goes along with it. Advertise. If not for them, for you. So you never forget who you say you are, so you keep reminding yourself to be who you want to be.

Next week, I’ll have an opportunity to speak to a small group about my writing passion. It’s not the crowded stage I wish I was ready for, it’s not a book tour, but it will be me talking about writing. More than that, though, it is my chance to remind myself of what I want to be. And to tell a few new people about it too.

What about you? What do you need to start advertising?

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  1. Kay says:

    Sooooo proud of you! Rock that speaking engagement girl! Hope you post about it. Heck vlog it.


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